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D.W. Washburn

(Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)

Lead Vocals: Micky Dolenz
Guitar: Keith Allison & Bill Chadwick
Bass: Chip Douglas
Banjo: Henry Diltz
Drums: Jim Gordon
Percussion: Brendan Cahill
Tack Piano: Michael Rubini
Sax: William Hood
Trumpet: Stuart Williamson & Carrol Lewis
Trombone: Herbert Harper & Lewis Blackburn
Arranged & Conducted By: Shorty Rogers
Recorded At: RCA Studios, Hollywood
Date: February 17 & March 1, 1968
"D.W. Washburn",
I heard a sweet voice say
"D.W. Washburn
This is your lucky day,
A hot bowl of soup is waiting,
A hot bowl of soup and a shave,
D.W. Washburn
We picked you to save"

"Can't you hear the fluegel horn,
Can't you hear the bell?
"Even you can be reborn you naughty neer-do-well,
If you don't get outta that gutter
Before the next big rain,
D.W. Washburn
You're gonna wash right down the drain"

"Up! up!
C'mon get up!
Get up off your street,
If you can only make it to your hands and knees
I know you can make it to your feet."

"D.W. Washburn",
I said to myself,
"D.W. Washburn
why don't they go save somebody else?
You see I got no job to go to,
I don't work and I don't get paid,
I got a bottle of wine and I'm feelin' fine
And I do believe I've got it made
I'd like to thank all you good people
For coming to my aid,
But I'm D.W. Washburn
And I believe I've got it made (D.W. Washburn)
I do believe I've got it made (D.W. Wasburn)
Don't need no body (D.W. Washburn)
I believe I've got it made....."