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It's Nice To Be With You

(Jerry Goldstein)

Lead Vocal: Davy Jones
Guitar: Gerry McGee
Drums: Jim Gordon
Percussion: Brendan Cahill & Harold Lewy
Sax: William Hood
Trumpet: Oliver Mitchell & Marion Childers
Trombone: Lew McCreary & Lewis Blackburn
Arranged & Conducted By: Shorty Rogers
Recorded At: RCA Studios, Hollywood
Date: February 7, 1968
Look what you have done
Showing me the sun
And now it's shining thru
It's nice to be with you

I like the things you say
And I like the way
You do the things you do
It's nice to be with you

Each time that I give my heart to someone new
They just turn it blue,
But this time is my time
And my time is all the time I have to be with you

So please
Never go away
Say you're gonna stay
And make my dreams come true,
'Cause it's nice to be with you