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Lady's Baby

(Peter Tork)
Vocals: Peter Tork
Guitar: Peter Tork, Stephen Stills, & Lance Wakely
Drums: Buddy Miles
unknown: David Getz & Dwayne Midkiff
Recorded At: RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood
Date: December 1,17 & 21, 1967, and January 14,19,24 & 25, February 2 & 7, 1968
Lady's baby smiles and coos
Takes away my lonely blues
Baby's mother cooks my meals
Warm and cool is really real

Runnin' never was much fun
All it did was bring me down
Chasin' 'round isn't where it's at
Tension puts you in the ground

Lady's baby pulls my hair
Let's me know he's really there
Lady's mother touches me
And at last I really see

Lady's baby lets me know
Life was meant for movin' slow
Lady's mother knows this too
Lady, I love you