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The Birds, The Bees,
and The Monkees

Album Review

Overall Rating (Out Of 10): 3

"The Birds, The Bees, & The Monkees" is a terrible album, second only to Head in it's complete self-indulgence. At least Changes knew what it wanted to be, this album has no clue. Mike and Micky have gone from pschadelic on "Pisces" to just downright bizarre. "Writing Wrongs" had no business ever being released and "Magnolia Simms" is ruined by sound effects. Davy, meanwhile, has become a straight balladeer. Worst of all, Peter is completely left off the LP, despite recording good songs at the time. There were enough songs recorded to make two good albums here, instead the Monkees released garbage.

Three Best Tracks:

  1. While I Cry
  2. Valleri
  3. If I Ever Get To Saginaw Again
Three Worst Tracks:
  1. Writing Wrongs
  2. Porpoise Song
  3. D.W. Washburn

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