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The Epic

Note: all songs written by Louis Colli
Released: Hasn't and may never be!
Running Time: ?


  1. The Ballad Of John And Melissa
  2. Melissa (I Love You)
  3. I Wish She'd See Me
  4. Picking Up The Pieces
  5. My Girl
  6. Angel (Be Mine Tonight)
  1. More Than Anyone Does
  2. Just Don't Leave
  3. Things We Feel
  4. How Could You Leave Me?
  5. Run For Your Life
  6. A Lover's Plea


I Wish She'd See Me bw/ Melissa (I Love You)
Angel (Be Mine Tonight) bw/ Picking Up The Pieces
Things We Feel bw/ More Than Anyone Does
How Could You Leave Me? bw/ Run For Your Life