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Cold Spring Harbor

Family Records
Released 1971
Highest Chart Position: #


  1. She's Got A Way (2:49)
  2. You Can Make Me Free (2:56)
  3. Everybody Loves You Now (2:48)
  4. Why Judy Why (2:56)
  5. Falling of the Rain (2:38)
  6. Turn Around (3:04)
  7. You Look So Good To Me (2:27)
  8. Tomorrow Is Today (4:40)
  9. Nocturne (2:46)
  10. Got To Begin Again (2:49)


1971 - She's Got A Way bw/ Everybody Loves You Know
1971 - Tomorrow Is Today bw/ Everybody Loves You Know

Additional Recorded At This Time: 1971 - 1972

The American Blues
The Letter
Jumping Jack Flash
Bye Bye (Where Is My Lady)
We All Have Our Cross To Bear
December Song (Until You Come To Me)
Great Ships, Great Oceans
Everybody Has A Dream
Long Long Time
Oyster Bay
Only A Man (It's Not Easy)
Where's The Revolution?