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That's right folks, I am once again offering to copy tapes for people at NO COST to you. Of course, if you have something that I don't, you know I'd love to get a copy of it. So please keep that in mind.

Here's the deal: I'm offering tapes tapes that you can get a copy of almost free of charge. You can have all of them, three, one, whatever you want! What I will NOT do is take individual songs from each tape. If you want only one of the songs, get the whole tape.

There are two ways to go about getting these copies:

1) Send me the tapes with $2 for shipping, handling,
and my expenses FOR EACH TAPE. I will send them back
to you ASAP with all the cool Monkees songs you could
imagine. For example, if you send me 8 tapes, you
would send me $16 with them.
2) I will purchase the tapes for you and send them
out to you at a cost of $4 per tape for TDK 90
tapes and $5 per tape for Maxell II tapes. For
example, if you want all 8 tapes on Maxell IIs, you
would send me $40.

If you'll look closely, I'm making very little profit. I am doing this because I hate to pay a lot of money for bootlegs and I don't feel you should either.

Each tape is 90 minutes long and each has bonus tracks (depending on how much room was left over).

The tapes I am currently offering are:

Billy Joel - Essential Rarities Collection

Tape I: 1967-1982
Tape II: 1984-1996

Now you are wondering, "Hey, where do I send the tapes and/or money?" Send it to:

Louis Colli
117 Hutton RD.
Clifton NJ 07013

Please e-mail first at so that I know its coming and I'll keep an eye out for it.