The Monkees

This Just Doesn't Seem to Be My Day

(Tommy Boyce/Bobby Hart)

Lead Vocals: Davy Jones
Guitars: Wayne Erwin, Gerry McGee, & Louie Shelton
Bass: Larry Taylor
Drums: Billy Lewis
Tambourine: Gene Estes & David Walters
Produced By: Tommy Boyce, Bobby Hart, & Jack Kellar
Recorded At: RCA Victor Studio, Hollywood
Date: July 6, 1966

At the insistence of Don Kirshner, Jack Keller supervised Boyce and Hart's first official recording session with the group. Davy sang "This Just Doesn't Seem To Be My Day". The musicians included Bobby Hart's band The Candy Store Prophets. Joseph Ditullio played cello.

On CD:
The Monkees (1994), Rhino Records R2 71790


I guess I should have stayed in bed,
My pillow wrapped 'round my head.
Instead of waking up to find
A nightmare of a different kind.
She went away,
This just doesn't seem to be my day.

She didn't have to say a lot,
Her pretty eyes revealed the plot.
'Twas someone else she want more,
And so I walked her to the door.
What can I say?
This just doesn't seem to be my day.

My, oh my, how sad am I.
How I wish she would have stayed
This just doesn't seem to be my day.

My whole world is upside down,
She turned my smile into a frown.
It's such a pity the shape I'm in,
I must get on my feet again.
Can't stay this way
This just doesn't seem to be my day.

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