The Flower

(Louis Colli)

In the desert of my heart
There was a thriving flower
That grew out of lifeless sand
Against all odds it lived
With strong roots that ran so deep
That they took hold of the dried-out land

It was bold and beautiful
Blessed with colors so bright
They brought tears to every eye
It stood tall and defiant
With it's peddles reaching up
Drawing strength from the radiant sky

But the heavens gave too much
And let the punishing sun
Rain it's fire all around
And though the flower fought back
It didn't have the strength
And the heat made it whither to the ground

Now the little flower's gone
Swallowed by the endless sand
A fate it knew from the start
But one day it will return
Stronger than it was before
To give life to the desert of my heart

copyright 2002 by Louis M. Colli Jr.