Daddy's Song

(Harry Nilsson)
Vocals: Davy Jones
Guitar: Michael Nesmith, Keith Allison, & Bill Chadwick
Drums: Eddie Hoh
Percussion: Brendan Cahill
Trumpet: Marion Childers, Pete Candoli, & Anthony Terran
Trombone: Richard Leith & Lew McCreary
Cello: Justin Ditullio, Raphael Kramer, Emmet Sargent, & Eleanor Slatkin
Recorded At: RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood
Date: January 10,16,19 & March 1, 1968
Recorded At: Sunset Sound, Hollywood
Date: April 4, 1968
Years ago I knew a man
He was my mother's biggest fan
We used to walk beside the sea
And he'd tell how my life would be
When I grew up to be a man
Years ago we used to play
He used to laugh when I ran away
But when I fell and hurt my knee
He used to come and comfort me
And the pain would go away

Years ago I knew a boy
He was his daddy's pride and joy
But when the daddy went away
It was such a rainy day
That he brought out all his toys
Now the momma did explain
Trying to take away the pain
He just couldn't understand
That his father was not a man
And it all was just a game

Years have passed and so have I
Making it hard to cry
And if and when I have a son
Let it all be said and done
Let all that sadness pass him by