Early Morning Blues and Greens

(Diane Hildebrand/Jack Keller)

Lead Vocals: Davy Jones
Recorded At: RCA Victor Studio C, Hollywood
Date: March 22, 1967

"Early Morning Blues And Greens" was written By Diane Hildebrand (who would go on to co-write "Goin' Down" and "Merry-Go-Round") and Jack Keller (who wrote "Your Auntie Grizelda"). Originally intended as a duet between Davy and Peter, the finished version only features Davy.

On CD:
Headquarters (1995), Rhino Records R2 71792


A distant night bird mocks the sun.
I wake as I have always done,
To freshly scented sycamore
And cold bare feet on hardwood floor.

My steaming coffee warms ny face
I'm diappointed in the taste.
But there's a peace the early brings
The morning world of growing things.


I feel the moments hurry on
It was today, it's died away,
And now it is forever gone.

And I will drink my coffee slow
And I will watch my shadow grow
And disappear in firelight
And sleep alone again tonight.

The Monkees (C) 2001. Rhino Records, Inc. All rights reserved.

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