Just A Game

(Micky Dolenz)

Lead Vocals: Micky Dolenz
Recorded At: RCA Victor Studio C, Hollywood
Date: March 28, 1967

At the very end of the Headquarters sessions, Micky introduced a new song he had just written, called "There's A Way." Accompanied by only his guitar, Micky sang what little of the lyrics he had at that point. Micky would finish the lyrics and record a full version of the song on April 9, 1968. That version would be released on Instant Replay.

On CD:
Headquarters Sessions (2000), Rhino Handmade RHM2 7715


There's a way
There's a way for you and I if you'll just stay
If you'll just stay to keep me hidden from the day,
And all its light that's covered up by night when you're away

When you're away
When you're away the image of your face is clear
It is clear across the room and I am here
Against the wall, afraid that it is all
Just a game

While I'm here
While I'm here and you are in my state of mind.
My state of mind is missing, missing you this time
La, la, la

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