Midnight Train

(Micky Dolenz)

Lead Vocal & Acoustic Guitar: Micky Dolenz
Harmony Vocal: Coco Dolenz
Recorded At: RCA Victor Studio C, Hollywood
Date: February 24, 1967

Micky recorded this acoustic duet with his sister Coco. "Midnight Train" was written by Micky when he was 16. This version of the song was released on Missing Links 3, and Micky recut "Midnight Train" with different lyrics for Changes.

On CD:
Headquarters Sessions (2000), Rhino Handmade RHM2 7715


Well, I'm an angry man, sing an angry song
Tell ya honey it won't take long
I'll pack my bags, get out of here
With my guitar and a case of beer

Well I'm goin' north and I'm goin' south
Tell ya honey you better shut your mouth
I'll kick your head from here to hell
Better know I can do it well

Midnight train, ramblin' ramblin'
All night long I'm gamblin', gamblin'
Losin' all my money, well, it really is funny, huh
Midnight train, ramblin' ramblin'
All night I'm gamblin', gamblin'
Tell you what baby, well you better be movin' on

Well I really don't know where I'm goin' for sure
Ain't gotta map, it ain't no tour
Just headin' out for the open sky
Who knows, might even die

Well, don't you worry your pretty little head
I never give a damn what I did or said
That's why I'm packin' to leave this place
Can't stand to look at your cheatin' face


Well, you treated me like a little boy
An you played around like I was a toy
Guess you thought I'd have the blues,
Look whose cryin', guess you lose.


(Refrain, played very slowly)


It's about that time
Better be movin' on
Get out of here
Better be movin' on
Well, that's all she wrote
Better be movin' on

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