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Hold On Girl
(slow version)

(Ben Raleigh/Billy Carr/Jack Keller)

Lead Vocals: Davy Jones
Produced By: Jeff Barry & Jack Keller
Date: September 10, 1966

Due to Boyce & Hart's unsuitable efforts at recent sessions, Don Kirshner brought Jeff Barry into the Monkees project as a producer. "Hold On Girl"; written by Keller, Ben Raleigh, and Billy Carr; was the first song he produced. This slow version of the song was released on Missing Links, Vol.2.


I know about the guy who treated you so bad,
He took your love and then just walked away.
I know that you have got a reason to be sad
But help is on its way.

Hold on girl be a little bit stronger,
Hold on girl wait a little bit longer,
Hold on girl, help is on its way.

I know you feel as though your world is at an end,
But you don't have to live with yesterday.
I promise you the sun is gonna shine again,
And help is on its way.

Hold on girl, now that we are together,
Hold on girl, things are gonna be better,
Hold on girl, help is on its way.

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