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The Day We Fall in Love

(Sandy Linzer/Denny Randell)

Lead Vocals:Davy Jones
Guitars: Al Casey
Bass: Carole Kaye & Ray Pohlman
Drums: Hal Baine
Organ & Harpsichord: Don Randi & Michael Rubini
Percussion: Frank Capp & Julius Wechter
Violen: Louis Haber, Irving Spice, & Louis Stone
Viola: David Sackson & Murray Sandry
Cello: Seymour Barab
Conducted By: Arthur Butler
Arranged By: Jeff Barry
Produced By: Jeff Barry
NY Session Engineered By: Ray Hall
Recorded At: RCA Studios, Hollywood
Date: October 28, 1966

"The Day We Fall In Love" was an attempt by Don Kirshner to recapture the feeling of "I Wanna Be Free." Similar to "Theme For A New Love" from Davy's 1965 David Jones LP and "Hold Me Tight" from Davy's 2001 Just Me CD, "The Day We Fall In Love" featured Davy talking to an orchestral track.

On CD:
More Of The Monkees (1994), Rhino Records R2 71791


There'll be birds singin' ev'rywhere,
And the wind will be blowin' thru your hair.
I'll look in your eyes
And wait for the prize;
Your lips kissing mine
With a love that is real.
And you'll look so young and fair

On the day we fall in love!
You and me
On the day we fall in love.
You'll see!

There'll be rainbows reachin' cross the sky
And we'll beoth be so happy we will cry.
We'll walk hand in hand
In snow or in sand
Whether roses are blooming
Or snowmen stand by.
Time will stop, for you and I

On the day we fall in love!
It will be on the day we fall in love.
You'll see!

And if the lines that I say fall apart,
It's because I won't know where to start.
But you'll undersand when I say them to you,
'Cause they'll come straight from my heart.

On the day we fall in love,
You and me,
On the day we fall in love,
You'll see,
You'll see.

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