Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn,
& Jones, LTD.

Don't Call On Me

(Michael Nesmith)

Lead Vocals: Michael Nesmith
Date: June 20, 1967

"Don't Call On Me", cowritten by Nesmith and John London was started on June 20, 1967, but the vocal would be later recorded in Nashville. "Don't Call On Me" was another pre-Monkees song that had been demoed by Nesmith around 1963. Michael must have been particularly fond of this song, as he and Peter can be seen playing an instrumental version (similar to the early demo) of the song during the March 20, 1967 "Monkee Mother" TV show episode.

On CD:
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones, LTD. (1995), Rhino Records R2 71793

Don't call on me
When you're feeling footloose, and fancy-free.
You've done that before,
And like a fool I came back for more.

It's all over now,
I've finally seen my way.
I need you no more,
Not now or any other day.

OK, little girl, live for yourself
In your own little world.
I know that you'll find
Someone who'll play and love you,
Be just your kind, be just your kind, be just your kind, be just your kind.

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