Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn,
& Jones, LTD.

Star Collector

(Carole King/Gerry Goffin)

Lead Vocals: Davy Jones
Backing Vocals: Micky Dolenz
Guitar: Michael Nesmith
Keyboards: Peter Tork
Moog: Paul Beaver & Micky Dolenz
Bass: Chip Douglas
Drums: Eddie Hoh
Recorded At: RCA Studios, Hollywood
Date: June 22, 1967
Recorded At: American Recorders, Studio City, CA.
Date: October 4, 1967

"Star Collector" was one of the first recorded songs using a Moog synthesiser. This Davy-sung Goffin/King track was released on the album, and two different extended mixes have been released, one on the '86 release of Monkee Business and the other as a bonus track on the fourth album. A mix without the synthesizer was aired on the TV show.

On CD:
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones, LTD. (1995), Rhino Records R2 71793 (LP and extended mixes)


Take a letter, keep on going
Where ever it is, she's goin', too.
Give her my autograph and tell her
It's been nice knowin' you.

She's a star collector (collector of stars)
She only seems to please young celebraties.
She's a star collector (collector of stars)
How can I love her, when I just don't respect her?

When everthing is goin' my way,
She wants to be close at hand.
She moves to some other doorway
When things don't go the way she planned.


It won't take much time before I get her off my mind

CHORUS (repeat)

Bye bye, bye bye....
[repeat and fade]

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