Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn,
& Jones, LTD.

The Door Into Summer

(Chip Douglas/Bill Martin)

Lead Vocals & Guitar: Michael Nesmith
Backing Vocals: Micky Dolenz
Keyboards: Peter Tork
Percussion: Davy Jones
Banjo: Douglas Dillard
Bass: Chip Douglas
Drums: Eddie Hoh
Recorded At: RCA Studios, Hollywood
Date: May 29, 1967 & August 23, 1967

This excellent Bill Martin (Chip Douglas denies any writing contribution) song was recorded with Mike on lead vocals, although the group did try it with Micky singing. The song was released on the album, and an alternate version with a different vocal was added as a bonus track to the CD.

On CD:
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn, & Jones, LTD. (1995), Rhino Records R2 71793 (LP and alternate mix)
The Monkees Music Box (2001), Rhino Records R2 76706 (LP mix)


With his fool's gold stacked up all around him
From a killing in the market on the war
The children left King Midas there, as they found him
In his counting house where nothing counts but more

And he thought he heard the echo of a penny whistle band
And the laughter from a distant caravan
And the brightly painted line of circus wagons in the sand
Fading through the door into summer

Well, it's travel onto "maybe next year" 's places
As a trade-in for a name upon the door
And he pays for every year he cannot buy back with his tears
As he finds out there's been no one keeping score


The Monkees (C) 2001. Rhino Records, Inc. All rights reserved.

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