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I was so saddened today to learn the news of Gene's passing. I was actually reading the posts on another popular "group," Il Divo this morning. One of the girls said, "Did you hear that Gene Pitney has passed away?" I immediately said to myself, "WHAT? NO WAY?" You see, I, along with all those in his fan club, had just received a newsletter from him last week. He was in great spirits, was planning to have hip surgery that he'd put off for so many years but decided to have because now the recovery time is so short. He was looking forward to being up and around in no time. Even signed off with Hip Hip Hooray! Gene Pitney's music was so amazing. Town Without Pity has been and still is my favorite song of his and also my favorite song of all time. What a magnificent voice he had. He will be missed. I have cried today for a man I have never met yet has touched my heart and soul deeply and given me wonderful memories of my youth. Thank you, Gene. Thank you so very much.



i was about to go see the man in concert in glasgow such a sad loss and another great icon taken from us
my sympathy to his family and friends
and at least he died in his sleep and not taken from us like buddy holly and so many others

older fan
glasgow scotland


The voice was tremendous.

The talent was nonpareil.

The man himself seems to have been even greater than the voice.

Deepest regrets,

Bill Stewart


Just heard the sad news of Genes passing. Both my husband and self have been fans for over 30 years, we will miss him but have the joy of listening to his wonderful songs. Rest in Peace.



Please convey to Gene's family my heartfelt condolences and sadness at this difficult time.

As a music lover and fellow musician, I have always been influenced by his music for my entire lifetime.

I regret that I was never able to see him perform live, although I have the PBS Concert he did in Connecticut a few years back and I will treasure it always.

My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Thanks,Gene for the music and the memories.There's a new star in Heaven tonight.........

Mark King
Amarillo, Texas


A great loss to the music industry as a legend has now gone, you will be greatly missed by all.
May god bless and keep the family at this sad time.

anthony slater


Very sad Genes passing, I bought all his records and saw him many times live. The first time was at Blackpools Queens theatre in the early 60s. The last time Dapto Leagues club NSW Australia 90s. He is a great loss to the music world and my wife and I. Condolences to his wife and children, we mourn with you.

Alan Warwick
Queensland Australia


No long illness, doing what he loved. I saw Gene in Melbourne live when he came here. Songwriter extroadinaire singer of highest standard with a beautiful voice and lovely personality . We will miss you Gene. Say hi to Ricky, Buddy,Richie and all the others in heaven where you are now . God bless you . Thankyou for the music and sharing it with me



Really sad to here of Genes death whilst driving to work, I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform live many times when he has been in Stoke On Trent. It really saddens me to think I will not have the pleasure of seeing Gene perfom live again, though his great voice will live on. God bless Gene hope you're now singing with the angels.



I was a fan of Gene Pitney for goodness knows how many years. Went to his concerts when he was in N.Z. God bless his wife and sons at this difficult time.

Sylvia Hamilton


i'm so sad to hear about gene pitney,i grew up listening to him and i've always loved his music.
god bless his soul
he will be sadly missed

liz jackson


My wife and I would like to extend our deepest sympathies and prayers to the family of Gene Pitney. Gene was a great artist and a fine perfomer. I regret that I never had the pleasure to meet the man, although we came close a few years ago when we were both touring the U.K at the same time. God Bless his soul!

Very Sincerely,



I want to express my most sincere sympathy to Mrs. Pitney and her sons.
Her husband/their father had brought many wonderful moments to my life.
To be perfectly honest, I must say he was my "first love". I got his
album "Blue Gene" when I was 12 and fell madly in love. I continued to
collect his albums and always had hoped to attend a concert, but I
never had the means. He will always hold a special place in my heart
and I believe that I will experience the most magnificent concert when
it comes my time to pass to the other side. God bless all of you in
your grief.

Mary K. Yager
Wonder Lake, Illinois


"One Word"
by Steve Wardrip

At the end of the rainbow,
there's a brand new face.
It's where the lovers go,
to take their eternal place.

No tears, no sadness, no pain.
It's a home of never ending joy.
Where His music is falling like rain...
Gene Pitney is dancing like a little boy.

Thank you Gene for the wonderful songs.
The world remembers you with love.
Thank you Gene for righting the wrongs,
We know you're singing still from above.

Someday we'll gather with you,
For the greatest concert yet,
We'll ask you to sing the sweetest tune,
And of course you'll say... "You bet!"

Gene, remember us here on Earth,
We've got to go on somehow.
You were the greatest since Rock n' Rolls' birth,
Your music, your life... one word... Wow!


The man was living proof of what a COMPLETE artist is. total. writer, interpetive singer, production innovator, cutting edge harmony singer, country, pop, R&B, Folk, Rock and Roll, etc. It would take several hours just to listen to his 2 and half minute hits. He wrote for the whose who in rock, for Spector, for Rick, for Bobby Vee. THE DUDE ROCKED.
It's just further proof at what a Rock cesspool of payola, greed and politics the American record and Radio industry has become over the years, just by their complete indifference to him and his new music, although he was still getting fresh airplay overseas.
Oops, Not meaning to go on a rant here, because it's Gene that I wish to honor. It's just such a DAMN shame that he couldn't have gone on getting the top notch attention he always deserved. Every man has his day, and at least he had his day. Did his way, all the way.

al cassaro


When we were 12 years old my best friend Ann and I were treated to our very first concert. The Dick Clark Caravan of Stars featuring Gene Pitney was stopping at the Lakeside Ball Room in Barnesville PA. I loved Gene and when he reach down and held my hand when he sang Town Without Pity I vowed never to wash my hand again. I have loved Gene all these years, and understood that he was very successfull in the UK. Thrilled watching the TV broadcast of his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it was the first time I had seen him in years and he looked and sounded wonderful! After all these years (45 to be exact) I found out he was going to do a show at Hershey Park...after all these years Ann and I were together once again in the front roll watching Gene. We stayed for both shows and giggled like school girls again remembering all his wonderful hits. It was such a special day for both of us, still best friends at the concert again. He brought back so many memories of jr. high and high school. We never thought we would see him perform live again and enjoyed every minute.

Gene we love you and we are sure you a in God's choir this evening. The summer concert will be remember by us always...and what a special gift it was. Your fans

Mary and Ann


I'm deeply saddened by the loss of a great artist.
It will mean even more when I hear "Half Heaven, Half Heartache" again.
My sympathies go out to his wife and children.



I'm aged 44, I was only a love sick lad of 15 when I came across Gene Pitney. The difference between the songs of his day was emotion. Deep seated, heart breaking emotion. Seldom do we hear such songs sung with emotion these days.
A Town With Out Pity...Listen to the pleading by two people asking to be left alone. Or Backstage, a man who has everything but the ONE thing he really needs. Pure Emotion and that what Gene delivered....
May the sorrow pass quickly for his family.

mac. (U.K.)


I'm listening to Half Heaven Half Heartache right now and I am terribly saddened by the news. I have loved Gene's music since the beginning. I will not stop now or ever being amazed and uplifted by his beautiful work.

Boston USA


My wife Karen and I would like to express our deepest sympathies. We saw Mr. Pitney's recent concert in Las Vegas and enjoyed his performance. He's one of a kind.


Gerry & Karen Cunningham


My memories of Gene, I attended the first of many concerts when he was the warm up for (I'm not sure who it was) in 1966 in Melbourne. He got such a welcome and the crowd where not interested in the main act just wanted Gene back. I still attend his concerts whenever he came to Melbourne and would look forward to the next tour. To his family my sincere sympathy, and gratitude that you shared him with the world. Thank You Gene xxxxxx

Pat Morrow


Thank you Gene for your music. I grew up listening to your music.

Condolences to Mrs Pitney and family.


Werribee Australia


What a loss to the entertainment world. I am so saddened today at his passing

Marie in Brisbane


I was deeply saddened to learn of Gene Pitney's passing. He brought joy to many people with his beautiful and unique voice, and he will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.



So sad!!!! Gene Pitney and Roy Orbison were the two best singing voices in the world. A terrible loss for the music world

Charles Windler


I have been a great fan of Gene and I feel so sad at hearing Gene had died, first saw Gene Pitney in the 60`s when he came to Australia and have been a great fan of his ever since and have many of his records, even though he is gone, his music will live on for ever, going to miss you Gene.



Gene Pitney seemed like such a nice, genuine person and his very unique talent will be greatly missed.
The world is missing him already.
God bless you Gene.
My condolences to the family.
A Scottish fan.



I am so sorry to hear of the passing of one of america's greatest singers of all time. Mr. Pitney was mr. Rock and roll..
i will pray for him and his family.

thank you,

michael b. Shields


My mind and heart go back, as they have done often lately, to 1965 when I first began to love Gene's music. I met a girl in my high school English class and finally worked up enough nerve to ask her out in April of that year. We double-dated with my big brother and his young wife at a drive-in theater. I don't remember the film we saw but I do remember how my date told me that her favorite singer was Gene Pitney. "Town Without Pity" had a special meaning for her. In 1967 I married that girl and we were together until this last December 21st when she died. We had recently listened to Gene's old songs on a Greatest Hits album I have on iTunes and were flooded with fond memories. We were together through thick and thin and raised 5 kids. I just want to convey to someone through my tears how much his music meant to us and how very sorry I am to hear of his death. I know there are thousands and thousands of folks out here who feel the same way. My heart goes out to his wife and sons and their families. I can feel their pain and wish them the best. Thank you.

Patrick Del Rio
San Francisco, CA


P.J.Proby was a close friend of Gene and wishes to send a personal condolence to his wife. P.J.Proby is currently on tour in the UK. We are all saddened by the news today. Are you able to let us have the address in USA so that P.J. can send a letter direct.

Kind regards
John Morris

PJ. is also touring for Robert Pratt of Chimes.


Gene Pitney was one of the greatest singers I've ever heard and was a true gentleman. I saw him perform in Terre Haute, IN in the 70's and was amazed at how fantastic he was. We hung around outside the arena and after the crowd had thinned, Gene came out and graciously signed autographs. I'll never forget...he was smoking a cigarette when he signed mine..someone else asked for an autograph and he asked if he could borrow my pen. When handing it to him, he burned my hand (slightly) with a cigarette, but immediately apologized and made sure I was alright. That is an experience I'll never forget. He will be sadly missed and thought of always as a "true entertainer and gentleman."

Patty from Terre Haute, IN


Just woke up to the news that Gene had passed away in Cardiff, I feel he
was part of my teenage years and I remember how "Only Love can break a
heart" seemed to fit in with the many broken romances I had while
growing up. He will be sadly missed. Condolences to his wife and three
sons. He was a legend. Off to make music with my our favourites, Roy
Orbison, Ricky Nelson & Del Shannon and of course Elvis, not forgetting
John Lennon & George Harrison.

Jane Fisher,
Melbourne, Australia


My first meeting with Gene was in February 1966 in Glasgow Odeon. I presented a programme for the old 'pirate' station Radio Scotland and had a phone call from a guy from EMI who asked if I would like to interview Gene. I took along my tape recorder and my little West Highland Terrier puppy called Jock who was the radio station's mascot. Gene was on the floor playing with the puppy and I don't know who was having the most fun.

I always played his records on my show because I loved his unique voice but I became an even bigger fan after meeting him. He was such a lovely person. We kept in touch over the years and always met up when he came to Glasgow. I am so very, very sad and just in total shock. I was due to meet him on Saturday with my daughters and I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and find out that this was all a bad dream.

My heart goes out to Lynn, Tod, Chris and Dave who were thousands of miles away when this happened.

Gene, you were taken too soon. You touched the hearts of millions of people. It was a great privilege to know you. God gave you a wonderful gift and you shared it with the world. Thank you so much. Lots of love.

Cathy Spence


I thought I might have misheard something on the radio, so checked the computer. We were big fans and have been to a few of his concerts - we enjoyed his singing, and writing, and are so sorry to learn of your loss.



My sincere condolences go out to the family & direct survivors (friends, acquaintances, etc) of 1960's music legend Gene Pitney



Can I cry a little bit,
theres nobody to notice it.................

Another sad day for all fans of Gene and the music of that magic era.
We have lost yet another of our best performers.
One of the last records I played last Saturday night ( as a DJ ) was
The man who shot Liberty Valance.
He will be sadly missed, but his music will live on.

Terry ( Tonypandy Wales )


I was shocked when my mom called and told me Gene died. Gene was very special in my young years you see, he was best friends with my dad, and I can remember him when I was a child at Crystal Lake and he would sing to me to settle me down at bedtime. Dad and Skinner and Gene and Rizzo and Miner, oh what a special time it was. No matter what happened later, they are and were so special to me. Well I hope Dad was there to meet him when he arrived in Heaven.

Thinking of all of you at this time

P. Danehy


Gene,you are like one of the family and it hurts like hell. The news wont sink in but i am so grateful to have been able to see your concerts. I am holding a concert in my hometown of Kidderminster , Worcestershire , England on this saturday 8th april with Brotherhood of Man and Shel Macrae from the Fortunes. We will now pay a special tribute to you as a fitting mark of respect. Tickets were £10 but any of Gene's fans can get in for £7. We will play Gene's music before the show.

Steve Jones 07834 - 519520


I grew up listening to Gene Pitney, I am now 60 and still listening. I saw him in California in the 60s and last here in Las Vegas last year.
The years made no difference in his performance, he always gave 100% and sounded better then ever. I will miss him a lot, but his music will last forever. I have 10 year old twins and they both enjoy his music, now that a generation span.
I feel as though I lost a personal friend.

Larry Grabar
Las Vegas, Nevada


How sad I was to hear of the untimely death of Gene Pitney I adored his music and one of my favorites had to be 'Backstage' I can remember seeing him at The Colston Hall in Bristol in the early 60's He was a fine and polished performer and will be sadly missed

Goodnight Gene

May you Rest in Peace


I have seen Gene on numerous occasions but the one I will remember was when
he sang at Enfield Football Club back in the 70's and I was invited on to stage when he sang to me and gave me a kiss. Regards to all his family and friends.



I love his Songs every time.He will be deeply missed.


bernd grabowski


I am deeply saddened to hear the sad news about Gene. Having had the privilage of seeing him many times, more recently at Dartford the first venue of his UK tour, it makes the loss even more sad. There can never be another Gene. My condolances to his wife and family, he will be missed by all his thousands of fans

Kind Regards

Rosemary Bidmead


As someone of Gene Pitney’s generation, I was stunned to learn of his death. His voice, songs and style captured the spirit of the sixties for those of us who went through that roller coaster of emotions as we embarked on our lives in a time of historic change. His dramatic ballads reflected the pain of lost loves, his upbeat songs we sang when new love came along. I still find myself trying to emulate those high notes without success, but I nonetheless enjoy singing his tunes to myself, even after all these years. Along with his deserved greatness as a singer he conducted his life in exemplary manner and always appeared a true gentleman in every stage show, interview or appearance I saw. I mourn his death and I thank him for having devoted his life to entertaining and enriching my life and the lives of a generation. He deserves every accolade he has ever had and will continue to have, for his music will live alongside the other greats from a great era and fans as yet unborn will continue the legend of Gene Pitney. My condolences to his family and friends, who can be proud indeed of Gene’s legacy.



I saw him last year in Melbourne Australia and the year before.

I had planned to see him again the next time he came over to OZ.

But that will never be.

What a sad day for his family and fans.

He was the ultimate true gentleman.

Carol Evans Cranbourne Australia



I too was so sorry to hear about Gene Pitney’s passing. I was a huge fan. I have a question. I looked at the song list on this website, and am assuming it is a list of songs he sang—is that right? Well, my question is regarding a song I loved, that’s not on that list. I have it on a 45—it’s titled “Mecca” and it was one of my very favorites of his. Is there a reason that it’s not listed too? Please let me know at my e-mail address; (which is different from the one I’m sending this on, I’m typing on my son’s computer, and am not sure if it’s gonna show his address or mine!) Thanks, Judy Lacken

Thanks for keeping such a wonderful website about such a great guy.


I wish to express my deepest sympathy to the family
and friends of Gene Pitney,
and to let them know how very much I appreciated
his music and his wonderful voice.
Only his passing, and that of John Denver,
has ever affected me so ...
["Only love can break a heart; Only love can mend it again"
May the love of your family and friends help in this
sorrowful time]


Tucson, AZ


Gene was a great artist. I remember "Only love can break a heart" in 1962 as one of my all-time favorite songs. He had a great vocal style unlike any other. Because of him and several other artists of that era, I was inspired to become a musician and went on to make a career of music. My regards to his family.

Terry Driscoll


Hi, i met gene pitney on a couple of ocassions and he was such a gentleman, i had fallen over and had a black eye and he saw me in the crowd and came over to me to asked what had happened. His concern was so genuine , i then met him along with my young daughter a few years later , and his lovely personality came shining through. I think he was one of the most loveliest stars we have ever had. His music, charisma, and kindness were evident the whole time, i am truly very very sad at this devastating news and send my sincere condolences to his lovely family.

michaela boyd-brown
Chandlers ford , nr southampton.


Gene meant so much to so many people for over 40 years. Our lives won't be the same without him.
Not only was he a superb entertainer, he was a genuinely nice man, who always had time for his fans.
He was on great form at the two shows we attended last week, and we were looking forward to another two before the end of the tour.
Our thoughts are with Lynn and family.

Susan & Roy Mackinlay Dronfield U.K.


Devestated, i heard the news at 11:55am today (5/4/06).
Thunder in my ears is all i can describe it as. Just one week ago, at the
Hull City Hall, i was stage side shaking his hand and telling him what a
performance he had just given. My wife Sharon and I always attended his
shows, always took him a good bottle of Cabenet Sauvingon to relax with at
his leisure, and the obligatory 'Good Luck' card.
How could we have known this ballardier would soon be no longer with us.
Only a week earlier i received a reply from Gene, to an email i had sent
We are as stunned and in disbelief like the rest of the world, this great
man, taken from this world so suddenly and without warning to those who
admired him, but most of all, from those who loved him most... Lynne and
the Boys.
Our hearts and prayers are with them, today and for the coming time as they
say farewell to a husband and father. Be strong and God be with you at this
To the many friends We have met through Gene's music & presence, we send all our love and knowledge that we are all connected in grief to this sad sad loss.
We have been fans of Gene for over twenty years, seen him in concert countless times and collect his music like we take in oxygen.
Our hearts are broken with this passing, we have not only lost a renowned entertainer, but like most of his fans, we have lost a friend, as he was always there for us all, without question or quarrel.
I am a 42 year old man, and i am not afraid to admit, i loved the guy, we all did. I dont know when the crying will stop, but i know the pain will be there for a LONG time. Memories and his music is all we have left, until we are all together in heaven.
The worlds loss, heavens gain. RIP dear Gene, God Bless you always
Paul & Sharon Curtis
Hull. UK


I grew up with Gene and hearing his songs always take me back to that sweet time of my young teen years. What a unique talent.

Jan Cawley


Very sad to hear of the sad loss of Gene. I have grown up listening to him as the sixties was my time. My wife and I went to see him on our engagement.At Batley Variety in Yorkshire, England.It was a GREAT night.We last saw him last year in Bradford,Yorkshire, Again it was a GREAT night.
Condolences to Gene`s Wife and son`s in their
very sad loss,
God bless them all
Thanks Gene for the Happy memories you
have given us all.




What can be said....I am still in shock at the unprecedented loss of such a truly great man...Gene has left us a legacy of great music, I first saw him perform at the London Palladium in the sixties and his voice was just amazing and blew me away with 'i'm gonna be strong"...Gene remained a star to the end.."God Bless Him"..and his dear family..

Barry Aberdeen Scotland....


Very saddened by the sudden death of Gene Pitney - we had been to see him in concert at Fairfield Halls,Croydon UK and were left with the most magical memories of a truly talented man- we have been playing his songs since that concert in fact last Saturday we had a Gene Pitney evening and sang and danced all night to all his wonderful music - what a very sad loss to the music world. Our thoughts are with his dear family and friends.

Jennie and Roach Ritchie, UK


My husband and I danced and romanced to the music of Gene Pitney in the 1960's. We had the privilege of celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary at Gene's concert in Connecticut.

carol nadolny


Another part of my youth gone…bye-bye Gene. Thanks you for the music.

Willy Sijbrandij


I am sending my condolences to Gene's family, and friends.
He will be sorely missed by his fans..

Singing for the Angels now..



So saddened to hear Gene has died - I have loved all his music over the years & he will be much missed. To his wife & sons & family we can only send our thoughts & prayers & hope they will be comforted by the warmth we send out to them



My husband and I danced and romanced to the music of Gene Pitney in the 1960's. We celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary at Gene's concert in Connecticut where he wished us a Happy Anniversary from the stage. Our condolences to his family.

Carol and Julian Nadolny Kensington, Ct.


Gene was a music legend in every sense of the word. He pioneered multi-tracking before it became common practice. He also was a brilliant somgwriter-not just for himself but for other artists as well. He'll always be remembered by fan's of pop music.

Regards ,
Ray Quinn


I'm deeply sadened bout todays events he was a good singer and artist he will be deeply missed god bless.


Roy Orbison, Del Shannon now Gene Pitney. I grew up crying at their songs, now I cry at their passing.

Arthur UK


I heard Gene on stage in 1965 and 66 in Dublin. He sounded exactly the same on stage as on the recordings. A fine, original talent.

HB Eire


I was jolted today at the one o'clock news on radio 2 which announced the death of Gene Pitney as the main item. I became an instant fan around 1961 when I first heard the record Town Without Pity from the film of the same name, and it remains my favourite of his still to this day. Such atmosphere and such a distinctive voice. Throughout the sixties he was one of my very favourite singers and I finally got to see him on stage about ten years ago, here at the Winter Gardens in Margate. Very sad at his passing.



I was at work when one of my colleagues said she'd just heard that Gene Pitney had died. I looked up in shock as I couldn't believe it. Though i'm not a great fan myself, I did enjoy listening to his music as my mum was quite a fan. In fact she was due to go to see him in concert on 14 April - sadly that isn't to be. I had to ring her straightaway and she hadn't heard the news and was very shocked. She had been so looking forward to it that now she will only have the records and memories.

West Yorkshire, UK


I would just like to say how saddened i was to hear of the passing of the great Gene Piitney , who has given me a great joy through his voice and music for many years , He will leave a great hole in my life. I will miss that voice, so good bye and good night .

Best regards,
John Whiter


I fell in love with Gene when I heard him singing I wanna love my life away in 1961. I wrote him a fan letter and still have the reply that his mother wrote to me. Since then I have seen all his UK concerts when he has been in the NE of England.

I even added pitney to my email address as I told my husband it was the only way I would be able to have Gene's name !!!!

What a star, what a voice and what a gentleman.

My prayers and condolences to his wife and sons.



He is a person I not only enjoyed hearing immensely, but also I admired for his work ethic and business acumen. I had the pleasure of attending a performance over 20 years ago in an old Detroit theatre. I still recall that he performed with 24 pieces of the Detroit Philharmonic and started the show with "24 Hours from Tulsa". I still listen to the original, scratchy albums I own from the 60's. My condolences to his family. He was one of a kind.



We have grown older alongside Gene, attending his concerts in the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties - into the 21st century. When we holidayed in Italy in the early sixties it was lovely to find Gene's songs in Italian on the Juke Boxes and we bought those records too. Perhaps it's fitting that Gene has passed so peacfully whilst in the UK where he is so loved. Condolences to his family, and to all his admirers over the world. We shall listen to his music till we all meet again

Mary and Teresa, London, England


We send our deepest sympathy to genes family and fans at his passing. We have been fans for nearly 40 years and will miss his tours verry much.May god bless him and the angels keep him safe in heaven . His music will live on.

From devoted fans Danny and Margaret Kelly from Oldham Greater Manchester


It wasn't that many years ago I saw Gene Pitney in Atlantic City. I grew up with his music and when I saw him live - I couldn't believe what a good singer he was live and in person. I knew he was good, but not that good.

The music world has lost a piece of musical magic. It was tragic news!



Gene Pitney was the best singer this world produced. We say him everytime he came to Australia. He will be sadly missed.

The White Family. Brisbane . Australia


I have only just learned of the death of Gene Pitney. I feel so sad as he was part of my growing up as a teenager and I felt as if he was someone I knew. His songs will always be remembered as will his unique voice. My condolences go to his wife and family. He will be sorely missed by many.

Dee King, Suffolk, England.


Thank You for perfection, I have followed you since the beginning, my favourite was always

"I'm gonna be strong." Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, Let perpetual light shine upon him

May he rest in Peace. Amen.



I am so sad at hearing today of the sudden death of Gene, we saw him many times in Glasgow, usually around his birthday what a pro.his talent was immense,he will be sadly missed none more so than his wife and three sons.

from Mr jJohn Land. Glasgow.


I was a fan member for 8 years
Todays news came as a shock i could not believe it.
As like everyone else that knew him i am deeply tearfull..
I have some verry pleasent memories of him that will stay with me always.
Rebecca holley


Today the world lost not just one of the most innovative and talented performers of our time, but we mourn one of the most respected gentlemen who ever walked the face of this planet.

Apart from Gene's beautiful voice, he had a beautiful heart and selflessly stepped up to help others and brighten their day.

Wwe DO mourn the singer, but we mourn the MAN ever so much more.

We will always love you Gene and we will NEVER forget the light you brought into our lives not just through the music you shared with the world..but for YOU just being YOU !

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gene's family and close friends for we cannot imagine the pain his wife and sons are feeling at this time.


Forever Gene (you know what that means wherever you are !)

Bless you.

Love Always,

The Coyte Family, Australia.


At only 17, i can't say i grew up with gene but my parents would always have his music playing in the house. At hearing about Gene's passing, i started crying and haven't stopped since, and i doubt i'll stop today at all. Gene is my idol and will always be an inspiration to me and whenever i see a gene album i dont have (very rare!) i will buy it. RIP're a legend and always will be!

Allana xxx


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to post condolences. As a kid lying in bed at night in the sixties, our neighbour often played Gene's records, and I remember thinking that I'd like to sound like that when I grew up. An inextricable link to my childhood, Gene was, and this house often resonates with his truly unique voice from a large collection of his music. When a singer is that good, you feel like God must be sitting on his shoulder. Well, God's got him back now, and the poorer we are for it. Luckily I got to see him several times in concert, and those fine memories are set in stone. God bless you mate, and a million thanks for all you gave us. You'll never be forgotten.

David Johnson
West Sussex, UK


I am so sad at the passing of Gene Pitney. He has been a favorite of mine since my high school days (many years ago) when I saw Gene perform many times in Providence, RI and many years later at the Warwick Music Theater in Warwick, RI.

He was a great talent and will be deeply missed. Tonight I am going to pull out my CD's and have a Gene Pitney songfest. May he rest in peace!



I am very saddened to hear of Gene Pitney's passing. He was a great singer, entertainer and song writer. Most of his songs were during my pre-teen and teen years, from the 7th grade through high school. I had the privilege of finally seeing him perform in 1997 at the Jones Beach amphitheater. Not a bad word was ever uttered about him. No scandals or controversy was ever read about him. A class act all the way. Someone that some of these so-called celebrities should look to as a way to conduct their lives.

Once again, my deepest condolences.



I was just changing channels on my XM radio when I heard the news this morning. My sister who was 5 years older bought one of his album, and I just became obsessed with his music. I bought everything I could lay my hands on, and then completely wore out the music. To this day, whenever I hear his music, I turn it up and make every be quiet. To me, he was greater than the Beatles.

I was fortunate enough to hear the the 60’s channel on XM was going to do the Anthology, and was able to hear it today – they played just about everything he sang in the 60’s and it genuinely touched me. ar

My sincere condolences to the family. He brought so much pleasure to me while growing up, and I will never forget him.

Deborah Lynch


So sad, my friend watched his great performance in Cardiff last night. I can remember crying over a lost love while listening to him singing' I'm gonna be strong on my record player.

Chris. S.Wales, UK


Just read the sad news. I'm 58 Danish 'girl' and I immediately texted a schoolmate of mine Lotte. We had a serious discussion during our school days as to who would end up getting to be Ms Gene Pitney. -- Gene was one of the few of my idols I never met. But luckily enough I did meet Mr Bacharach and asked him to convey my huge admiration for Gene Pitney. - I send my best wishes and thank Gene's wife and sons for taking care of him for me.

I had a hearty cry, and shall weep myself to sleep tonight, I'm sure. My x-husband who is also my best friend now apart from my daughter doesn't understand. But like my daughter said - 'now he is with Elvis and Sinatra up there!' I truely believe that, and even my dead late mother will join the party and listen to 'If I didn't have a dime' 'True love never runs smooth' not to mention Tulsa.

I play Gene's records quite often even after 40 years. How rich it is. - Thank you so much for all the happy hours in the company of your lovely voice Gene! You are sadly missed already

Yours truely
Elisabeth Hjernø Chesnutt, Copenhagen


There aren't enough words to express my sorrow in the passing of Gene Pitney. I grew up with his music and his wonderful voice. All I can say is - he's in Rock and Roll Heaven leading the group.

God Bless his wife and sons for they've lost a great husband and father and we, the public, a great singer.

Lynda Phillips
Murrieta, CA


Mr. Louis Colli,

I just heard of Gene's passing, and can only tell you - we have all lost a very, very talented man.

I grew up listening to Gene's songs, as did a lot of others in my age group. We were just turning to be teenagers, in the early 60's and his music hit home with a lot of us.

He will be sorely missed. Please accept my sincere condolences.


Scott Page
Gaffney, South Carolina
60 years young


Hello Louis;

It was so sad to hear of Gene Pitney's passing.

He was a great singer and artist. He will be missed.

I'm emailing from Northern Ontario, Canada. I have some of his records and have enjoyed them this past few decades!

Your website for him is a real tribute. You are a true fan.




I knew him in High School - He is a lovely person and will be missed.
See you in Heaven Gene.


Suzi Borrup Morgenthaler


Sorry to hear about Gene Pitneys death today in Scotland....
He was a big part of my youth..

He will be sadly missed by all..

Tab Warne


Poor Gene. We'll miss him.

Steve Walsh


Just heard of the sudden death of a great star. I remember buying "24 Hours from Tulsa" when I was nine and have always been a fan of a superb singer and songwriter. His legacy will be a catalogue of great music which will be appreciated by music lovers for decades to come.

Richard Gordon


A sad day.



Was just on your website after hearing the news, im sorry to hear he has passed away



deepest sympathy to all concerned on Gene's sudden death. He was a great performer

P Kelly


God bless the music and the era and Gene pitney. So sad



Just found out that Gene has passed. Evidently he was over in Wales performing and died in his sleep. That is all I heard, news is quite new.

Man, what a great voice and performer! I know whose oldies I will be playing tonight.

Ronnie Salyer in Richmond, Virginia


How tragic to learn of the death of Gene Pitney. I was playing his music when I read the news. Perhaps you wish to put something on your site.




My name is Joe Erwin. If you can please pass on my sorrow in Mr Pitney's passing. I've been a fane for years.

Thank you

Joseph Erwin jr


So sad to hear the news this morning. I hope you can set up a condolences board or something.