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Since he and I were both teenagers I have rarely missed a tour in Perth Western Australia of which there were many. Starting at the old Capitol Theatre and the last about 18 months ago at the Burswood. He was part of my growing up and I loved every concert. Great guy. Good bye and God Bless.

June W. Perth Western Australia


In Memory of Gene Pitney whose beautiful songs enhanced our lives and will continue to do so for many years to come. Our sympathy to Gene's family and those closely connected with him. May God Hold Him in The Palm Of His Hand

From Pattie and Diane Cagney


I've always been fond of Gene Pitney, and had recently bought his greatest hits CD. Cardiff, where he died, is only a few miles from where I live, and although I feel very sad to hear of his passing, I also feel honoured, in a way, that he should have been so close to us at the time. He was truly a legend.



I was saddened to hear of Gene Pitney's death today.

My father met him when he toured around New Zealand in the early 1960's and I believe was involved in some parts of the tour. My father was also a musician. I have memories of black and white photos of Gene on stage.

He was a "legend" and he will be missed by everyone who has enjoyed his music.

With loving thoughts

Tania Brooker (nee Unwin)


A sad day indeed. My love and prayers to Gene's wife and family.

Sandra, Dunedin, NZ


A very sad day for music, a rare talent and great singer my sympathy is with his family




Gene has always been my favourite US male singer and has been appreciated and loved in the UK for over 40 years. My wife and I were very saddened by the news of his sudden death and our prayers and thoughts go out to his family, friends and fans.

Saw him live on three occasions, twice in the 60’s and then at Southport about three years ago.

I have many of his vinyl recordings along with compilation CDs of his songs which are played regularly. Gene was the consummate professional and a gentle man. He had a unique and powerful voice and his live performances of “I’m Gonna Be Strong” with “that” ending, which still makes the hairs on the back of neck stand up, will live with me forever.

Another 60’s ICON has gone to join the all time greats in heaven, Elvis, Roy Orbison, John Lennon, Billy Fury to name a few.

God Bless Gene sleep well, your memory and music will last forever.


John and Pauline Hankin
Wigan, Lancashire, UK


Shock was the only word I can use to descibe the news of Gene Pitney's death. I have been a fan since first hearing a Street Called Hope when I was four years old. I saw Gene in concert on Sunday at Birmingham, and had a wonderful evening. His vitality and the sheer emotion of the performance left me elated. His loss now, is a tradegy, and I feel very sad. I would like to offer condolences to his family, and ask them to remember that Gene died doing what he loved best - singing his songs and entertaining people.



Goodnight and God Bless to a great artist! Gene has touched so many of our lives with his unusual and stunning voice! There is a quiet hush over England from so many of his fans! Our deepest condolences to all his family, safe now in the knowledge that although gone to that Great Music Hall in the sky he will always stay in our hearts as a True Talent! Sleep tight, gone to join that select party of so many who have gone before you Gene, your voice rings out loud and clear in Heaven. R.I.P xxx

Val (Northamptonshire).


Hi there
Was really so saddened to hear of Gene's sudden death. My heart goes out to his family. His music will live on

Linda xx


I grew up Listening to Gene Pitney, Roy Orbison now they are both gone what a sad day but their music will live on forever the same as Elvis so they have a left us all a legacy with their music.

What a time the 60's was and I was very happy that I have those memories to hag on to and the music that these singers gave us.

It was really a time that we should all treasure as I don't think that we will see anthing like it again.

Patricia Fitzpatrick- Sydney Australia


I'm sure he will now have time to sing with the many singing angels that have gone before him.

Keep singing Gene.



I was not his biggest fan, but my wife was.

We saw him for the third time he had visited Birmingham on Sunday last.

He gave his usual polished and powerful performance, but during it he told us that he had had a conversation with one of his sons about why he kept on touring.

He said it was because he enjoyed so much he hoped that he would die on stage!

Unfortunately his wish has come true and he has left a hole in popular music that no one else can possibly fill.

Thank you for all the songs and memories that will last forever.

Ian & Viv Clarke
Birmingham UK


im very sad to hear the bad news. he was a superb singer his music will live on thanks gene.

john feest worthing


the news was texted to me around midnight - what a shock - we went to his last concert here in Christchurch New Zealand a few years ago - wonderful memories.
I left several covers to be signed backstage - all were signed and a sense of humour showed through - I will treasure these pieces - please forward our thoughts to the family. A sad day indeed

Terry T
New Zealand


I would like to extend my sympathy, to the family of Gene Pitney. He was a wonderful person. I have been a fan of his for a lot of years. Ken Gusmaano who helped with the Fan Club, was a dear friend of mine. Now, Gene, and Ken are together again. He will surely be missed, by many fan's.

Madeline Wilson
Bethany WV


his music will last for ever, he was alongside all the other greats of the 6o's, god bless gene.

tim morris, england.


What a sad time. I lovely memory of a man who shared my teenage years through to my old age... gone but never forgotten when his music fills my memories.. Rest in Peace my friend.

Maxine Robbie



I am only 30, but I have grown up with the music of Gene Pitney both my Mum and stepdad loved his music and I myself have several cd's. We saw him live at the brentwood centre in 1992 which was fantastic. I was so shocked when I heard the news and would like to send my condolences to his wife and children. He will not be forgotten and his music will live on and on.

With sympathy
Mrs Paula Priest


I would like to express my sincere sadness of the passing of Gene. He was a legend. I grew up with his songs due to my mum being an avid fan and we are much saddened by the loss of a STAR!

Alison Teasdale


It was with great sadness whilst on the web to hear of the death of that great singer Gene. Gene's distinctive voice and the great songs Gene sang, gave us tremendous pleasure. I had the opportunity on two occasions to see the great man on stage in recent years and what a performance he gave,truly remarkable.Thank you Gene for sharing your talent with us.God bless you.

Ronnie Parkin. Newbury Berks England


My husband and I are so very sad to hear the news of the passing of Gene. We are in our early sixties, so remember his songs very well and have heaps of his recordings. To his wife and sons, please accept our heart felt condolences.


Carole O'Reilly


A sad day for all of Gene Pitney's fans. He has passed our way and left us with fond memories and wonderful music and he will be greatly missed.

My first Rock and Roll live concert was to see Gene Pitney and Lou Christy at the Jai-Alai stadium in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Gene had recently released, "A Town Without Pity," and we all were looking forward to seeing him in person. Unfortunately he was suffering from laryngitis the night of the concert and had to lip sync the words to all the songs he presented. We really enjoyed the concert even though he was sick. Unfortunately I would never get a chance to see him again live in concert. Even so, I have continued to follow his career and have enjoyed the music he gave the world.

God Bless the family in their sorrow.

"Only love can break a heart, and only love can mend it again....."

A Fan, Bob Ferrell (North Carolina - USA)


There will never be another voice like Gene's. It was matched only by his writing talent. I am sorry for his family's great loss.

JB, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


So many music greats have passed and I'm sorry to hear of the passing of Gene Pitney.I heard on the radio this morning as I was drinking coffee and a wave of sadness rushed over me.Being a singer/songwriter myself I guess it affected me more.I was just listening to a CD of his a couple of weeks ago and I always enjoyed his music growing up in the 60's.I've even performed a few of his songs in the past when I use to play out with different bands I was in.Even my wife was a fan of his,so we'll really miss his talent.Please pass our feelings along to his family.

Very Sincerely,

Don Goodyear


I was shocked to hear this morning that Gene had died. His music is still and always has been alive with me. I was a fan the moment I heard Louisiana Mama. I later learned that my real father was from Shreveport, Louisiana. That song just clicked
in my mind and I was about 14 yrs. old. Gene saved my life at a performance he gave here in Winnipeg, Manitoba in early1965. It was at the Winnipeg Arena and I was an Usher on the floor level by the stage. When he was introduced to the strains of Town Without Pity the whole arena came alive and moved toward me. Just as I was going to be crushed, a voice behind me told me to reach up. I did and it turned out to be Gene. His quick thinking in helping me up on stage saved my bacon. I shook his hand after and he carried performing. I always wanted to meet him again. In my prayers I will thank him for his music and the hand up he gave me.

Fred Gunzel
Winnipeg, Manitoba; Canada


Gene's music to me always had a kind of "magical" quality to it. his
voice, and inflection were unique and emotional. after 35 years of
playing his records on the radio, still i find when one of his songs
are playing on the radio, i have to stop and listen and enjoy.
he will not be forgotten, whenever you hear him sing again on record,
thank God we still have him that way..


dan collins
lubbock, texas
"less than 24 hours from Tulsa"


It's a sad day indeed. I grew up as did millions of others listening to Gene. He was our youth. I still play "Half Heaven Half Heartache to this day my favourite Pitney song. He will be greatly missed. My condolences to his family.

Toronto Canada


I first heard of Gene through trawling through my dad's record
collection,i loved his songs even before another patch of fans got to appreciate him
due to his duet with Mark Almond in 1989. I was fortunate to meet Gene on
several occassions in the last 5 years throught his yearly tours to the UK. He
was magnificent as a singer and a person and although I am saddened by his
passing,I am happy that he went out doing what he loved,entertaining
the fans with his music.



Like all Gene Pitney fans..I was shocked...devestated to hear that he had passed away in Wales while on tour. How well I remember the early 60's..when I first heard Gene singing Town Without Pity and finding myself totally entralled with his voice. That encounter on the radio started 40 plus years of following all his music...I was priviledged to have seen him in concert 6 times thru the a young man and then as a mid 50's fan!! There was something in his voice..the way he sang the much emotion there...and we as young teens could relate to his heartfelt songs....they spoke of lost loves and unrequited loves which we all have experienced. How well I remember my brother and I skipping school years ago..and riding up to Rockville to try and find his childhood home on Hammond Street. And we were successful...but too chicken to knock on the door...LOL ! Then years later I wrote an article and sent it to Teen Magazine which was was a short piece describing Gene and his singing of Backstage...and this brought a letter from his Mom thanking me for writing the short story and that it would be placed in a scrapbook for Gene..I can only hope he may have read it at some point. I have kept that letter from his Mom for 41 years now...and will always hold it dear. My heart weeps for Gene..and his loving family....I pray he rests in Peace..and takes the lead in the choir of angels!! Goodbye Gene..and heartfelt thanks for all the music and all the memories!

Dana G


He will be sadly missed! One of the best of all time!
Always in are thoughts and memories! His music will
live on forever! Shelva Carter

Windy Sutherland


I feel like I have lost a dear friend. My mum, friends and myself spent many nights with Gene singing in the background enjoying everbody's company. Saw him several times in Brisbane, Australia and his voice just kept getting better. Thanks for the memories Gene!

A fan forever,


In retrospect, so glad that my wife and I had the opportunity to see Gene perform at Westbury Music Fair here on Long Island only six months ago...A true gentleman, he will be missed by not only those closet to him, but by all of us who marveled at his wonderful talents, that truly defined an era. God bless his soul.

Neil and Harriet Fogel


Dear family of Gene Pitney,

I truly was a fan, and still am, of your wonderfully talented Gene. My daughter called this morning and said "Did you hear, Mom? Gene Pitney passed away, and I know how bad I feel so you must be really sad"......(You see, I made sure my kids were raised listening to his great talent too!) I have many of his albums and will cherish them even more now. I hope and pray you find solace in how many people around the world loved Gene Pitney.....You were blessed to have known and loved him personally. Anyone who wrote music and performed like him had to be sent straight from Heaven.....I'm sure he has returned there now.

Love and condolences to you all,

Tamara Hillman


I met my wife on June 10th 1973. The evening of the day we met we went to dinner. When we returned we went back to her apartment and listened to Genes greatest hits album over and over several times. Although " Town Without Pity " was probably his biggest hit in the U.S. many of his other songs were my favorites. I especially loved " I'm Gonna Be Strong " and "Backstage". I'm so very sorry to hear of Genes untimely passing. He and his music will always hold a special place in my heart. My thoughts are with his wife Lynne and their three sons.

Steve Sacks


To me this is the day the music died. I fell in love the first time to only love can break a heart.... and I never stopped loving his music.....

John McCormick, Deland Florida


As a long time fan of Gene Pitney, I shall always remember meeting him as a "starry eyed" 19 year old in Melbourne, Australia. I have always loved his music and saw him several times over the years at Twin Towns, Gold Coast Queensland. He and his music will be sorely missed - sincere thoughts at this time for his family and friends.

Judith Ferber


I couldn't leave this site without writing something. I am very saddened by Gene Pitney's passing. My love for music began at avery early age. Between the ages of 11 to 13 I remember listening and singing along to Gene Pitney songs. I thought about how unique his voice was and how I wish I could sing like him. There is no one on this planet who has a voice remotely close to his. When one hears it, one knows it could only belong to one person. How richly blessed we have all been by having the presence of that person's talent in our life times. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Thanks Gene for all you gave us.

Alex Martinez
Los Angeles, Ca


was fortunate enough to attend Gene’s last concert in Adelaide, South Australia. Gene was a wonderful man, entertainer and singer and I would like to send my condolences to his wife, sons, family and all his fans. It is a sad time for us all.

Noeleen Kemp


We were very saddened to hear of Gene's passing. He was a great talent and he will be missed. Our singer, Richie Rotkin, an original member of The Rip Chords from the 60's, was talking to me tonight about the "Dick Clark Caravan Of Stars" tours that Gene was on with the original Rip Chords. Gene and Richie became very friendly during those years, and it was great to hear some of the stories from those days. It was very emotional. Richie and I drove around tonight listening to Gene Pitneys Greatest Hits CD.

Mitch Schecter


I was shocked and saddened to hear of Gene's passing. I was just telling my wife in Feb., when I heard it was his 65th birthday, that the next time he played Las Vegas we were going to go. I'll always regret that I never went before. I hadn't realized that he was only 3 years older than I. He's been a favorite of mine since "Town Without Pity". His Greatest Hits album was the first music I downloaded to my iPod, and I listen to it often. Our thoughts are with his wife and children.

Ed & Catherine de los Rios


I am very shocked and sadden to hear of the passing of Gene Pitney.
Gene was one of my favorite singers. Gene had a very unique voice and had a
talent with the pen. I wished that I could have seen him perform live. At least he will
live on through his music.

A fan,

Tom Woodruff


I am sad to learn that a man, whose music touched my life in so many ways, died today. I have sung his songs since I was a teenager in the early 60's and continue to do so today. My daughter went to UCONN in the late 80's and met his son who was also a student there. We send his entire family our condolences and prayers.

Judy Moskowitz


I was quite taken back when my husband told me of Gene Pitney's passing this noon at lunch. When I questioned him he said he heard it on XM Radio.
Gene Pitney was one of our favorite artists....My husband had a band in the late 60's and early 70's...They use to play alot of Gene's songs...Every once in a while he will get his guitar out and his songs are always played...I grew up listening to alot of Gene's music...My older sister use to play his 45's over and over again...She use to get up on the picnic table (which was her stage) and she would sing "Town Without Pity" anyone who would listen...even the cows...We are from a small town in Maine...Transplanted to Florida...We recently watched a show on PBS where Gene Pitney appeared...A Class Act...You never tired of his music...He had the persona of the boy next door..His voice was intoxicating...A lot of fond memories are tied with his songs...It's always difficult to find the right words to express to someone when they lose a loved one...especially a parent...My sister and I lost both of our parents in the past few years...There's not a day that goes by that I do not feel them here with me...If I could say just one thing....It's a great gift when someone can touch so many lifes as your husband, your father, your friend did...He left a legacy that all of his family should be proud of...Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife, his sons and his family....God Bless....

Fondest Regards,

M.E. Wharry
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


So very sad - please accept my condolences from a life time fan.

Margaret Farrell


yes I am also sad to hear this news: How I got to know Gene; (which I never met him in person). I researched and found his email and asked him if this was the real Gene Pitney. I said in the email just to joke and get his attention. Because of him I lost my virginity. Well of course he wrote back and said that intrigues him and wanted to know why he was to blame. I wrote him back and said I was in the back seat of a "57" chevy and was with my high school sweetheart and his song "Only Love can Break a Heart" came on the radio and I got weak and surrendered my all to him. Of course Gene thought that was some story and ever since then we would say hi via email and he told me that one of his sons shared a birthday on the same day. He even called my beauty salon in Ohio because I told him that the girls at the shop didn't believe that I talked to him. He has made me smile and wrote me a precious email when I lost my Mother. Anyway that is my story how I knew Gene besides loving all his music. He did have a good humor and you could tell he loved his family and dog. May God bless everyone that loved him so and keep his memory forever.

Sharon White


Gene Pitney was one of the Greatest of all time. His songs were anthems
for us baby boomers. His music seemed to provide the words for our feelings
and filled many empty spaces created by youthful heartbreak. We are so
fortunate to have the PBS special to keep his spirit with those of us who will
miss knowing he was there. Thanks for everything, Gene. Your really made a
difference for so many.



My first heartbreaks were soothed by Gene Pitney's beautiful, emotional songs. I feel like part of my youth is suddenly gone, hearing about his passing. He will always be in my heart, and part of my life. Godspeed Gene.

Lana, a lifelong fan. USA


I would have to say I am currently in shock and very saddened by the news of Gene Pitney's death. Having been a fan of Gene for over 40 years now I have seen him perform numerous times and actually 'talked' my husband into seeing him perform at Frankston Arts Centre several years ago. My Husband was so taken by the performance he came back with me again for the next concert.

Kind Regards to all,

Sue Bristowe


I am 25 years old and although not around when Gene was at the height of his career, his music has impacted my life. I am honored to have had the opportunity to see him live. Greatly missed and always loved.

Jason Larsen


We love Gene Pitney so very much as he had become a friend following
his appearance when our Radio Station brought him to Albany, New York
last year.

He is absolutely one of my favorite singers. When I was younger, I used
to listen to his Anthology Album over and over. When he came to
Proctor's Theatre in Schenectady about one year ago, he sang as great then as
he did back when he recorded those hits.

As a Radio morning show host, it broke my heart as the story came on
the Radio on CBS news on Magic 100.9 this morning and I had to go on the
air live and follow that story with Local News. I was obviously choked
up and shocked by the news. It was a tough one to do.

We will truly miss Gene Pitney as it was our plan to bring him back to
Albany next spring. What great memories he has left behind for us to
continue to play on Magic 100.9, WKLI.

My thoughts and prayers are with Gene Pitney's wife, children and his
entire family at this time.

Gene, it was the biggest thrill of my life to have met you personally,
shake your hand, introduce you on stage and tell you " Great Show"
following your performance. It's a moment I will always cherish and never

Thanks for the memories. God Bless You, Gene.

Jay Scott


I loved hearing his voice and to this day still have his record albums. He was both a wonderful singer and song writer..

Seattle WA


I have just learned of Gene Pitney's death when I went into my AOL
homepage on the internet. It was like a jolt of lightning hit with an
overwhelming feeling of sadness. I have loved his voice & songs for more than 40
yrs. now. Hearing his voice always emotionally moved me & whenever his songs came on the radio I turned up the volume & experienced the same emotions I had 40
yrs ago. I always felt that his music was never appreciated & recognized like it
should have been on the radio-especially on the "oldies" stations (at least in
the Chicagoland area). His music was rarely played which is sad since so
many younger people are missing out on hearing one of the greatest & most
moving voices I have ever heard. I knew if he ever came to Chicago for a concert I
would rush to get tickets. Even now I would still check the concert
schedules in the newspapers-but as far as I know he never came. I will truly miss not
ever hearing him in person. He was one of the music loves of my life.

-Deeply saddened-Karen


Another great is gone. I am listening to his greets hits as I rue this. He will be missed

Joe Fuller


As an old AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio & Television) person, I am saddened at the passing of a legend. I played a lot of Gene and His songs to the troops and he will be missied. God Bless his family. He has truly gone to "Rock & Roll Heaven.

Doc from California


Being probably the only Gene Pitney Impersonator I am deeply saddened by the passing of the man who I consider to be the greatest singer who ever lived. I hope I can carry on his memory for a long time to come, I love you Gene.

Joseph Fischer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


it was with great sadness that I heard of his passing, In my mind there was gene, Elvis, and Ricky nelson and in that order. When they we say we have lost a great entertainer that is and understatement we have lost the best in rock and roll. To the family my condolences and prayers.

God Bless,

Patrick Kelly


We had tickets to see him perform. It saddens us that we never got the chance to see him perform one last time. Our heart goes out to his wife Lynne, and his three sons, David, Todd and Chris. He gave a lot to the music world, and I am sure I speak for a lot of people when I say, his songs made a difference as I was growing up, and helped me get through those horrid teens. Gene will be greatly missed, and fondly remembered by my generation.

S.M. Randall-Friday


I send my condolances to Gene's family. He's joined the best of the best today. I had the thrill of seeing Gene perform live on Long Island last year. It was one of the best shows I've seen. He sung his heart out and the packed house loved him. A legend of R & R is gone but his music will go on. So long , Gene. Rest in peace.

Dennis C from Long Island, NY


i saw gene pitney last october at turning stone casino. i couldn,t believe how great he sounded. it took me back in time to so many great memories. it was a night i will never forget nor will i ever forget one of the greatest singers of our time.

danny bridgeport ny


I wish to express my sincere condolences to the family, friends and fans of Gene Pitney. I will never forget his song "Town Without Pity" and the movie starring Cristine Kaufman. God bless you sweet man.



I am so sad. I am glad I got to see him last year in concert. He was my all time favorite.



I was so saddened and was reduced to sobbing when I heard of the passing of the wonderful Gene.
A wonderful entertainer and one of the unique voices still remaining from the 60's.

I will greatly miss his concerts here in Penrith. My heartfelt sympathies to his lovely Wife and Sons.
At the writing of this email I have Gene singing in the background.

Chris Seckold
South Penrith


To the family of Gene Pitney:

I was deeply saddened to hear of your loss. Gene Ptiney meant so much to the world of music, and it's hard to see another legend say goodbye to this world, but always remember, as long as he is remembered, by his friends, family, and fans, he will never truly be gone.

My condolences to you, and may God give you strength in this, your time of loss, and grief.

My heart goes out to you,
Douglas Brown


I cannot begin to tell you how bereft I feel, Lord knows how his family are feeling. Was due to see Gene in Edinburgh on Sunday, have seen him for most tours and always awaited eagerly his concerts, my hairs stood on end and knees shook the whole time he was on, a wonderful wonderful entertainer and lovely man, cant imagine never seeing him again, and I am not a 'silly teenager' a mature woman of 52 and have loved him since I was 14 ! It is like I have lost a family member.

Linda Gibbs


One of the last great vocalists and certainly one of the best of his time. I was fortunate to have seen him perform. His music has inspired me for 45 years and Every Breath I Take ranks as one of the greatest songs of all time. I'm so deeply saddened by his passing my sympathies to his family and close friends as we share in your loss.

Jay Young Youngies Oldies Scranton PA


I found out about Gene Pitney's passing this morning while talking to my girlfriend on the phone.We were both so shocked.Both of us have been fans of his from the very beginning.The first time we saw him in concert we were only 12 years old and this past summer there we were again at Hershey Park{sitting in the first row}46 years later,still best friends and still loving Gene.A true master of his art and a true gentleman.He will be missed but his music will go on. Good-bye Gene,rest in peace and thank you for all the memories.

Ann and Mary


I would like to say how saddened I am to hear of Gene's passing.
I fell in love with his music through my sister's 'Big Sixteen' records
in the mid sixties. He will leave a great hole in my life - he always seemed to be touring somewhere. Last saw him in Wellington around 4 years ago. What a professional ! What a star.

kindest regars,

Richard Whittington


As a young teen in the early 60's, feeling all the confusion and doubts that accompanies that age, Gene Pitney gave voice to what I could not. His legacy will endure and my remembrance of him is surely "Half Heaven, Half Heartache".

Gene Mynahan

Wayland, Ma. U.S.A.


I am so sad to hear of the passing of Gene Pitney but I know there is a Rock n Roll Heaven and he's with all of his legendary friends.

The clouds are really rocking now!

For me, he will be Forever Young.

Gail Cz
New York


...I think I was 12 maybe 13; the first 45 single I ever bought was "Only Love Can Break a Heart." I live in Las Vegas now, and was able to shake Gene's hand at the Stardust a couple of years ago. In my opinion, Gene's songwriting and musical arrangements are unique and underrated. Obviously, he wrote and performed from the heart; he touched so many. More than 30 years past, "Half Heaven" continues to be my favorite pop ballad of all time! Carl Wilson once said that "Songs are Spirit" in this sense, Gene will always be with us.

Thank you Gene Pitney for sharing your Life and Talent. (1941 - 2006)

Paul Klotz
Las Vegas


Wow. The King of Heartache is gone. It didn’t matter if the songs that he sung were happy or sad, that voice still broke your heart. I remember seeing him on American Bandstand in ’61 singing “I’m Gonna Love My Away”, that was a long time ago. “True Love never Runs Smooth” was my favorite. Adios to the guy who there for our blush of a teen age crush.


Paul Body


Today is a sad day for rock'n'roll. I saw Gene Pitney at the Westbury Music Fair a number of years ago, and of course he was great. I was glad he made it to the R & R Hall of fame. Now he's in Rock 'n Roll Heaven. God bless his wife and sons.

Long Island, N.Y.


I'm in shock. I didn't know it at the time, but I lived near him in the early 70's. Heck, I may have even pumped his gas. His 'Town Without Pity' was one of my all time favorite songs....think I was 5 when it came out. My condolences go out to his wife and kids. He died doing what he loved. God Bless him.

Bill in Sparks, NV


Somethings gotten hold of my heart how appropriate today what a shock dearest Gene no longer here I have been a pitney fan for 40years first EP at 14yrs old..a voice like no other a very talented man my children all know
the words to his songs and now my grand daughter loves to listen and
was going to Genes next concert at the age of 5yrs. Now that will never
happen sweet Gene i will miss you terrribly. Your voice was always a permanent
fixture in our car on tape and cds. At happy times or sad times in our
life Genes voice has always lifted my 40 yrs I have only missed
3 concerts...I will always be a Gene Pitney fan...Deepest sympathy to Lynne
,Todd,Christopher and David...



I'm saddened and shocked to find that we've lost this wonderful man. I was unaware of this until I read an email from Lou Christie. My sympathies are here for everyone who cared for Mr. Pitney, and especially for his widow and family. I assume the report I've read was accurate, and he went very peacefully. For that we can all take comfort, and hope to be that fortunate. Eternity is a far richer place now......for that wonderful singer is there now. I still remember the boy who "Want(ed) to Love His Life Away", all those years ago. WHAT a beautiful thought to put to music. Gene, we're all going to miss you and reminisce with your beautiful music.


Karen Holloway


i am so deeply sadened by the passing of gene pitney he was always my idol & i still have all of his music he will be sadly missed .. my condolences to his wive & sons..

Andrea Butler


It is so sad to here the death of a legend, love and still play his music, will be greatly miss by millions. farewell my hero.

Liviana Smith


I just wanted to say how much I loved Gene's music. I heard one of his songs being played on an oldies channel and had never known of him until then. Being he was 24 years older then I. Once I heard that song I was hooked..The song was "It hurts to be in love" Then I heard " A town without pity" Now I have a lot of his music and was greatly sadden and shocked at hearing of his passing. God Bless his Family and Rest In Peace Dear Gene.

Kim Hammar USA





a beautiful voice that gave me something to sing about .may God bless you all and we will always hear your music



I am so sorry to hear of the passing of my all time favorite singer. I have been a fan since the early 1960's . Gene had a quality in his voice few can hope to attain. I know the world will be a less hamonious place without him. May he rest in peace .

C.J Himes @


Always the professional. Great career. Great voice.

James Madden


I must believe that, for Gene, it'll be full (not HALF) heaven. A voice truly his alone: the ache of longing, coupled with the peerless falsetto, drove him his message in myriad ways. Gene was our adolencent yearning; our mirror.

Marlene Rosenfield Crawford
Delmar, NY



I'm a fan from back in the day. I must have played that long-held "cry" from "I'm Gonna Be Strong" a million and one times.
If Gene were looking down, I'd sing that final verse to him.

Farewell, Gene. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

With deepest sympathy and sincerest condolences to his family.

~~Denise Bodey
Bethlehem, PA.


I grew up loving his songs, The man who shot Liberty Valance was my hero (It was Gene) my childhood friend is no longer there and a little bit more of me has now grown up and gone!!!

Goodbye and thank you for my childhood memories, you always made me feel happy hearing your voice.

Dianne xxxx Australia


I took my wife and my now late youngest daughter to see Gene on his Australia tour in 1992, This show was excellent, Gene was a great performer, He will be sadly missed,

Henry Spiken, Australia/USA.


I heard the devastating news on the late news in Perth, Western
Australia. I then spent several hours on the internet reading and reading but
it still won't sink in that this wonder human being and consummate
performer is gone from us and that wonderful voice that sends tingles down
your spine has been stilled forever. From what I have read so far the UK & Europe and of course the US are talked about in relation to Gene's fantastic career spanning over 40 years. However, he was hugely popular herein Australia too.
I have been a dedicated fan since my teens back in the UK and saw him
several times. In 1982 I moved to Australia and have been to every Perth
concert since then. I will treasure a personal message from when he
appeared in Perth in 2003 where I also shook hands with him and also the
last concert I saw in 2004. My daughter also became a huge fan after she
came to a concert with me (under duress). Since then she too has been
to every concert.

Gene was no fading star and his performances were always magical.
He will be sadly missed but leaves us with a wonderful legacy of
unparalleled songs which are instantly recognisable.
My thought go out to his wife Lynne and his 3 sons and his beloved
Akita "puppy". Also Gene's fans all around the world.

Rest in Peace Gene knowing you gave the world so many years of joy and
delight with your music.

Lifelong fan
Lynda Burgess
Perth, Western Australia



I was stunned when I read this evening on a UK radio newsgroup of Gene's passing while on tour in the UK.

I always thought it was ironic that his success in the UK in the 60s was at the same time that the British invasion of North America was taking place. For a number of years he had hit after hit after hit and I was lucky enough to see him live twice in the mid 60s. A tremendously professional artist, he was highly respected by many for his work, both his singing and his writing.

He portrayed teen angst so well and sang about the personal things that matter to us all, young or old, whether it be love lost or love found. I was 14 when I first heard his material in early 64 - although he had done some work before then, it was from 1964 that he enjoyed his phenomenal, well deserved success in the UK.

My thoughts go out to his widow and 3 sons and everyone associated with him. They must be devastated by the loss of one of life's truly decent people. He will remain in our hearts and minds and, of course, with the trmendous recordings he left behind.

Rest in peace, dear Gene.

Alan, Manchester, UK


I first saw Gene Pitney perform live in concert in 1965 in Pittsburgh. I was awestruck. What a handsome guy with a wonderful singing voice. I joined his fan club and received many letters and pictures from his Mother, Anne, who would hand write all her letters. Four years ago this month, I had the pleasure of talking to Gene on the telephone. He was in Pittsburgh at the PBS station airing his special DVD concert. I told him that I saw him in 1965...he remembered where he performed, I told him about his mother's letters...he said that he never realized until after her passing how many fans she kept in touch with; and he wanted to know if I liked the DVD concert...YES!
I am the proud owner of a special gift his Mom sent me in 1968. It is a blue hair comb with the inscription "Taken from Gene Pitney".My favorite Gene Pitney song? I have more than one: "It Hurts to be in Love", "Just One Smile", "I'm Gonna Be Strong", "Looking Thru the Eyes of Love", "I Must Be Seeing Things" and "Backstage" just to name a few. What a loss.What a tragic loss. He was too young to die. To Lynne and his have my deepest sympathy. Please find some comfort in knowing that so many others share in your sorrow.

Adrienne from Suburban Pittsburgh, PA


Our thoughts go out to the family of Gene Pitney on this sad day. Gene's unique talent will be missed, but he will live on in our hearts with his beautiful music, I heard his beautiful rendition of ' I must be seeing things" on radio the other day and realised how his music had affected our lives. God bless Gene and his family always.

James Elliott
Sydney Australia


I am deeply sadden about the death of GENE PITNEY. We used to live across the street from his Parents and Sister Nancy on Hammond St. in Rockville. My heart goes out to them all.



Although I never met him, and unfortunately never got to hear him perform live, I truly feel like I've lost a friend. Gene's music was a background to my life as a teenager in the early sixties, and I have remained a fan of his remarkable music to this day. Some people like Gene and Roy Orbison manage to touch you forever with their tremendous artistry, and they will remain with us always.

Hugh Rowland,
Montreal, Canada


My daughter Sandii became a fan of Gene's many years ago - she is 37 and convinced me to attend a concert in Melbourne, Australia. I had been a fan in the 60's. She had previously gone on her own. I am extremely thankful I went with her to Frankston to see him together and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Sandii loved his singing and loved him. The next concert in Melbourne was to be at Crown Casino and another friend of mine who had been a fan came with us. At the end of the concern Sandii and Margaret ran to the stage and Margaret got to hold Gene's hand - in fact he had trouble getting it released. We are all stricken with shock, disbelief and a great sadness to hear of his untimely death. Sandii says he has gone the way it would be good to go - after a standing ovation. We are left with so many happy memories, a signed poster, a signed DVD and we will always have him in our heart.

Deepest sympathy to his wife Lynne and thanks to her that she let him travel to provide such enjoyment - you can see it on the faces in the DVD's. You felt like you knew him personally - he gave his all. Sympathy also to his three sons - they will miss their dad, but what a unique and beautiful singer he was.

We were planning to send him an email for his next visit. We will be having a Gene memorial weekend soon.

We are all still numb with shock
Love, Thanks and sympathy to his family
Grateful fans united always

Jill Ryan, Margaret Farrell and Sandii Ryan (No 1 Fan)
Melbourne, Australia



I would like to offer my condolences to Gene's family on this sad day. I was a child in the early 60's, but his music represents many fond memories for me, and I feel as though he has been a part of my life. He was beloved by his many fans. May he rest in peace.

Richard Bailey, Lynchburg, Virginia USA


Today is one of the saddest days of our lives with the passing of Gene.We feel like we have lost a family member.We saw Gene perform many times in Auckland New Zealand,and loved the man and his music.Our deepest sympathy to his wife and sons.Enjoy the fishing Gene, up there in the big ocean in heaven.Loved you for 45 years,will love you forever.

Two devoted fans,Auckland NZ.


I am so,so sad. Gene Pitney has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember. A fantastic singer/songwriter and a truly beautiful man. I loved him so, his music is and always will be timeless. My kids grew up on his music and they loved him, as do my grandchildren today.
My heartfelt sympathies go to his wife and sons, who have truly lost more than any of us. I am certain as we speak that Gene is twinkling away up there alongside the best.

Jan Smith


I was so saddened to hear of the passing of Gene Pitney. I grew up listening to his music even though he wasn't that much older than me. He had such a wonderful voice and he will be sorely missed. I truly loved his performances. Heaven is a little brighter today because God has Gene singing with the angels. Rest in peace dear man, and thank you for all the wonderful music you have given us.


Don Stewart
Bremen AL
Age 60





I saw Gene when he came to New Zealand. He was performing with Little
Millie. My thoughts go out to his family.

Dave M
Age 62.