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My thoughts about Gene Pitney:

A giant talent and a "once in a generation" voice that will never be
duplicated. I wish I could be like Gene Pitney, singing about the
pain of growing up, and doing it masterfully. Gene Pitney stood
alone as the interpreter of our generation's pain and joy. The
significance of his music was measured by his songs' presence on the
charts. He was an American hero who songs were not affected by the
the British Invasion. He was not threatened by this invasion.
Rather, he and was a man who embraced the British Invasion (note his
association and enthusiasm for the Rolling Stones). He sang some of
his greatest music at this time. How ironic that one of his greatest
successes was his acceptance by the British.

My final thoughts: "It hurts to lose Gene Pitney."

Mike Marusak
Overland Park, KS


It is said that 'Only the good die young' and Gene was too young.
Deepest sympathy to Gene's family, friends and fans at his sudden passing.

Joanne Saunders


My sincere condolences to Gene Pitney's family and friends, especially to his wife and sons. I am so sorry for your loss. Reading of his unexpected passing in today's newspaper was quite a shock to me. The whole day suddenly changed, and all I've done since is remember Gene's music. An extraordinary voice has been stilled.

Just last week, I'd read an autobiography of 60s singer Donovan, so was going through my old LP album collection for the first time in years, looking for his records, when I saw another favorite album from those days. Seeing the handsome, clean-cut young face of Gene Pitney took me back to my childhood & teen years, when I first heard his singing on the radio. Mecca, Town Without Pity, 24 Hours From Tulsa, Liberty Valence, Only Love Can Break a Heart, all so beautifully, poignantly performed! Then, only a few days later, today, reading of his untimely death, I had yet another reminder of my past, and of what an exceptional talent Gene Pitney was. Have been crying a bit off & on all day, thinking of this man I never even met. His distinctive voice and remarkable musical style touched me, as it obviously did all his many fans. Just think, all over the world now, we're focusing on Gene Pitney & hearing his music again. It has been moving to read the many condolence notes & tributes to him here. The world has lost an amazing talent & man.

All my sympathy to his family,
Nancy in Texas


I am deeply sorry to here abouts Genes death, I for one will miss him. I'm 56 and grew up listening to his Music. From Only Love can Break a Heart, to Backstage. I will continue to share his music with friends of mine, He will be deeply missed by all his fans. I will say a prayer fro him. I hope soon they Public will realize that a Great Singer and a Musician has left us. I know that I will miss him. You really just don't know how much it hurts me to hear about his Passing. Thank you.

Officer John Webb


Please pass this on to Genes wife and family.

As a singer and the wife of a major promoter in Australia, Michael Barnett, I performed as support for 5 Australian tours

with Gene during the seventies. I found Gene to be a wonderful performer and generous to work with. I have fond memories

of Gene coming to our home for dinner many times. He always talked warmly and lovingly of his wife and sons.

I spoke to Gene on the phone when he was in Melbourne last year and he invited me to his show but I was unable to go as I was performing myself.

His death has shocked the world but of course it is devastating for you. Please know you are in my prayers and thoughts.

He will always be with you.

Sending love to you all.

Marcie Jones (Barnett)


I grew up listening to the wonderful voice of Gene Pitney. Have a cd I have been playing since a relative gifted me with it for Christmas.

Without overstating it, the man was one of the Giants in my era, both with his songs and his songwriting and a long lasting talent, with a one of kind voice.

My condolences to his family. May he be in heaven making sweet music.

Beth Miller Augerinos
Vienna, Virginia USA


What can I say? I cried when I heard the news and I cry everytime I think of his passing. I am 59 and have loved Gene since I was given a few of his albums by my first love, Bobby, when I was only 14. I have followed Gene's career for 45 years and truly enjoyed the special when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. My heart goes out to his wife and sons. He is singing with the stars now - I hope it's my favorite song "Cornflower Blue." We love you Gene and we will see you again.



My wife has been a fan of Gene's since the early 1960s and I have too, since meeting her. I first saw him perform at The Cresta Club in about 1969. The last time was in 2004 at Llandudno, where I bought my wife his DVD. It gets played several times a week ! We are both so sorry to hear of his untimely passing. He still had so much to give. The best part is, he always enjoyed what he did, that really came over at his shows. May The Lord let him rest in peace. Heaven will be a better place now!

Kind regards,

Stan & Julie Wilde,


I have been a fan of Gene's from day one, and have never ceased to be one. His passing was like losing a member of my family. Having worked in radio for 15 years, I had the pleasure of playing some of his music, along with interviewing him over the phone when living in Ft. Myers, Florida. He was unique! He was nice! He was down to earth. He truly appreciated his fans. Words can't express my grief at his passing. There will never be another Gene Pitney. He became and remained such a big part of my life. Thanks for the happiness and fond memories, Gene!

Philip North
Branson, Missouri


To friends and family - Gene was a great signer. He is gone. But his
work will live forever.

Tim Ziaukas


Thank you Gene Pitney, for all the joy your music has brought to your fans through the years. No one will ever come close to matching the emotion you gave to your music. I will love your voice forever.



"Town without Pity"," 24 Hours from Tulsa", songs that were part of my life as I was learning to be a man in the early 60's. I feel a deeper loss than when we lost Lennon. "Didn't Have A Dime" So many great songs. God bless him and take him home.

Michael Berna


I always loved the way he sang, I never got to see him in a show ): I regret that. I have records of him, I grew up in the 60's. I send my love and condolence to his Family, Friends and Fans. He also seemed nice, I wish I met him, he was too young to leave us ): now he is in rock and roll heaven!! too crowded up there ):

Love Mary Staten island, NY


Gene, what a beautiful voice , you & your talent will be forever missed.

Forrest Posey


My memories of Gene and his songs are still strong in my heart as if time stood still. I am 55 and remember as a teen those songs that keep time in a bottle. His albums are still on my shelf and with CD's he can travel with me. I am saddened by his passing, but he has left so much behind that he will live in my heart forever. Town without Pity my favorite of all ( and I am playing it now as I am writing this) I was 12 years old and remember buying the 45 for .55cents at the record shop. His songs brought me thru my high school dances and proms. There are songs that bring people back to the good times, and Gene has always brought me back to those times when listening to his music. He will be missed...........but not forgotten.



We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Gene Pitney on Wednesday 5th April 2006. We live in Oldcastle, Co. Meath in Ireland & we were on holiday in Somers, CT last fall. We had a wonderful holiday, visited many fine places in the north east & met some very kind folks. This visit to Connecticut was easily as enjoyable as our first, back in September 2002.

A significant feature of our holiday was Gene’s performance at Mohengunsun on Wednesday 12th October 2005 - what a killer show! Gene was in very fine voice, the song selection was varied & outstanding and his team of musicians did him proud. Gene’s version of Robbie William's 'Angels' was a particularly fine vocal event. In fact, the entire performance was awe inspiring. Our only disappointment was the fact that there was not an opportunity to meet Gene after the show. We did, however, have a special gift for him which our gracious relatives presented to him on our behalf.

We would have loved to have Gene personally. Sadly, that opportunity is now gone. We still cannot believe the news of Wednesday 5th April 2006. Gene, may you always be remembered for your unique voice, your tremendous song writing genius and your graciousness.

Sean & Lisa Brady
Oldcastle, Co. Meath


Thanks for the wonderful music.

You were always 'the gentleman' of this music genre.

Our sincere condolences to his wife and family.

Di & Russ
Queensland, Australia


Dear Sir,

It was with great saddness,that I learned of Gene's death,to me,he was my favourite singer,the best!! I am fortunate in being able, in the past to have seen him in concert.
My condolence to his family,and all his friends.

God Bless.

sincerely David J Harris


Please extend my sincere sympathy to his family. He is in my thoughts
and prayers. They are as well.















This is one of lives wierd moments. I´ve just "re-discovered" Gene Pitney. I was born in the late fiftys and I newly heard a tune in a movie wich was "24 Hours From Tulsa", so I did a web-search and dicovered Gene Pitney. I have just bought some of his records and had a lot of "flashbacks" when I was listening to all the tunes that was playing in the background when I was a little boy. For all most of the europeen fans in my own age, the Radio Luxenburg was that times iPod and I reconized many of his songs from that period.

When searching the web I hit his website and was so very pleased that hi was still performing and noticed that his was performing in the UK. From the fiftys to 2006, so many years of joy for those who was a fan all this years.

I´m so sad that I that it took so many years for me to take his music to my heart. The day after I found him and bought the record he was gone. The man is gone, but his music will live for ever.

To his family and friends, – I´ll take his music and spirit with me as long as I live.

I will take one of Gene´s song titles from -64 as a "last word" for the family, friends and fans; "I'm Gonna Be Strong".

Kjell Dragsnes


How very sad to hear the news today. Had to pull off
the road. Had the privilege of seeing Mr. Pitney at
Casinarama in Ontario a couple of winters ago. Having
collected his records and danced to his songs as a
teen back in the 60's, I can't tell you how astounded
I was to feel shivers as he reproduced those exact
same sounds in person some 40 years later. "Only Love
Can Break a Heart" remains my song of choice for
slow-dancing in a candlelit room with my ladylove,
followed closely by "Half Heaven, Half Heartache",
"True Love Never Runs Smooth" and "Take Me Tonight".
And "If I Didn't Have a Dime" is a true unrecognized

Gene Pitney stands with the greatest singers of our
time in terms of the emotional chords he touched
through his songs. Equally, as was apparent in the
concert I attended (the only concert I have ever been
motivated to attend in my life, disliking crowd
atmospheres in general), he was class personified.

My sincere condolences to his family and close friends.

bill forsythe


Gene Pitney was my all-time favorite! I have loved him and his songs for as long as I can remember, and I am a product of the 60’s, having graduated high school in ’65 and college in ’69. I last saw him in concert at Universal in Hollywood. He had not been to California in more than twenty years and the concert was absolutely wonderful! My crush on him was renewed that night and I would have given anything to have known him personally. He was such a talented man! My prayers are with his family as the whole world mourns his passing.

Norma Rodriguez


As a 12 year old Rockville girl when Gene Pitney was 22, I never could have made it through puberty without his songs.Though he is gone, his songs remain with me forever.

Debby Bruce Hamilton


My deepest condolences to Gene's family. Gene & his family were my neighbors in Rockville, CT (High & Hammond)



Having loved his music for years and seeing him for the first time at Canterbury Hurlstone RSL Club last year, I was definitely looking forward to seeing him again when he returned. What a professional performer, he aged gracefully, he looked so healthy, how unexpected and how terribly sad his passing is to all his fans and especially the loved ones he leaves behind. I personally have a pain in my heart.

What a wonderful performer with such an unusal, distinctive singing voice.

He was very well respected and will be missed by many.

Kind regards

Dianne Tahan


With deepest sympathy to the family. Rest in peace Gene and thanks for
the memories



Saddened to learn of the passing of Gene Pitney. I had the pleasure of
twice seeing him when he visited Australia.He will be sorely missed.

David Williams,


I am so very sad to hear of Mr. Pitney's passing. I had the privilege of seeing him perform at the Mohegan Sun Cabaret in Ct a couple of times. He was very gracious and even came back to my end of the stage to shake hands with me this past year. My condolences to his wife and sons. He will surely be missed.

Sally M. Plano


My thoughts and prayers are with Gene's family at this time. His music and legacy will long live on.

Southington, CT


And love him we did. I shared the joy of your voice, the magic of your music, and the dream that you gave to us all as we grew old together. God Bless you always.

Maxine Robbie
Western Australia


Gene and his music, his voice, him, are why I am still here today. I went through a very bad, abusive marriage back in the 70's and 80's. I had at the time only 3 Gene albums. Had I not played them when I was really down, I would have finished it all. Thank you Gene. You will always be remembered by all who loved you and your music, and the type of person you were. I am proud to be a huge Gene fan.

From Sue


I was so sorry to hear of Mr. Pitney's death. I have been a fan for awhile now. I love his songs especially "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance & 24 Hrs. From Tulsa". WE will miss his lovely voice very much. Please give our deepest condolences to his family & friends.



I had so looked forward to seeing Gene this Easter weekend. I cannot tell you how much, but my loss no way compares to his wife & sons who I feel for, at least we as fans have his music on vinyl, tapes and cd's to remember him, they had him and will always have him no matter what, a place is reserved for GENE alongside Elvis, Big O & Buddy plus many other great's, just image if you can what sweet music these people will produce and sing in heaven, the mind boggles at the thought, hope I gety to see them together in time, GOD BLESS & KEEP THEM SAFE UNTIL THEN.



Still can't believe a legend has died I can't stop thinking about him and
playing my records.



We have been privileged to see many of Gene's performances at over a dozen locations in the UK between 1962 (Derby) and 2003 (Buxton), and including that oft-referred to snowy night at the Commodore in Nottingham, where we received "Princess" as our own personal dedication. We also particularly enjoyed 24 Sycamore, "Dime", Blue Angel and Backstage, which demonstrated his amazing vocal range, and presentation style, as well as his unrelenting enthusiasm and vitality. And his easy style between songs had every audience in the palm of his hand - no other performer had empathy with his fans in the way that Gene did so naturally.

Our young granddaughters, Lauren and Bethany, regularly sing and dance to his CDs and the Foxwood video secured on his last visit to Buxton, so he will live on in the hearts of two youngsters for many years to come - we like to think we have brought them up "properly", but they didn't take any persuading to sing along to his marvellous music!

Treasured memories - Grateful thanks, and Sleep Well, Good Friend.

Eunice and Athol Whitbread
Darley Dale, Derbyshire, UK


We very absolutaly devistated to here about Gene,s death.My wife and i saw him perform in Bradford on Saturday night.It was a absolutaly fantastic concert which every single person there enjoyed and by the way Gene sang i am sure he did too.He will be greatly missed .

With Deepest Sympathy
Charles and Sandra Middleton

Leeds Yorkshire


I was a fan of Gene's in the 1970's.When everyone else was taken up with Glam Rock I was captivated by his sheer talent and lyricism. I upset my mother because I left church early one eater because he was on the TV.I just want everyone who cared about Gene - his family, friends and Fans to know I am thinking of them.

Maureen Whisker


I was very saddened to hear of the passing of the great Gene Pitney. He was a massive inspiration to alot of musicians and singers, and I for one had great respect for this exceptional musician. Please pass on my condolenscences to his family. He will be greatly missed, although I still have a good collection of his records, which will keep his memory alive.



Like many millions of people around the world, I am saddened to hear about the death of Gene Pitney.

Gene's music was a big part of younger years when I loved listening to and singing along with his music. I still do. However, now when I hear his songs, there will be a sad, new dimension to them, but I have a feeling that he would want us to keep on listening and singing right along so that's what I will try and do.

Gene also seemed like a genuine, down-to-earth person, who remained unaffected by his fame in the sense of not developing a large sized ego. I think it was wonderful that he still enjoyed traveling around the world, bringing pleasure to so many with his music.
He was very popular here in Australia.

He wrote some wonderful, unforgettable songs and he will be sorely missed. My condolences to his family, his friends and his fans.

Thank you.

Irene Goldwasser
Victoria, Australia


What a great artist, what a great voice and a fbaulour testimony to the
wonderful music of a great era. Gene will be missed in my heart and
many of my friends as he provided us with so many memories.

Bob H.


I would like to pass on my sympathy to Lynne Pitney and her three sons on the passing of her husband / father Gene. He was a musical legend in his time and a down right "good guy". I met Gene years ago in the early years of his career, back in Connecticut, when his manager was a man named Marty Kugell. I knew back then that he had a special talent and would go a long way in the music world. I will miss him terribly. I am so glad now that I saw his last concert appearance at the Mohegan Sun casino. He had so many great hits but I think one of his very best is the seldom heard "Take Me Tonight" on Musicor.


Dick Dube (old friend)
Cheshire, Ct., U.S.A.


A great loss to the music world. He sure will be missed, my thoughts and prayers go out to his wife and children.

Tony Castillo
Dallas, Texas, USA


Gene and his music have been a part of my life since the sixties. Many events in my life are associated with his songs. I last saw him perfom live when he came to Grimsby a few years ago. he had lost none of the magic or vitality. My prayers are with his family at this sad time. He has left behind a legacy of music that means he will not be forgotten.



I was sad to hear of Gene's death today. Like so many others who grew up in the 60's his music was the soundtrack of our lives. I guess Last Chance To Turn Around was me favorite Gene song. I will pray for his wife and sons.

Tony D'Agnolo


I was born in 1970 so I am a young fan, bit always been a fan from hearing my parents play Gene's music. I was hooked by his amazing unusual voice and begged my dad for Gene's tape. (which he gave me in the end, it was the start of my collection!)

I saw Gene in concert lot's of times when he was on UK tours. He was truly amazing. The times he sat on his stool in the middle of the stage and took the time to read out his fan mail, then at the end of the concert he shook every ones hand on the front row. Not missing anyone out.

Gene died doing what he loved best and that was touring with his music. I feel like part of my family had died My deepest condolences to his family.

Sharon Hampson


The world of music has lost a great singer,Gene was a unique talent the likes of whom we will probably not see again. My regret is that I did not see him perform live.His legacy of great music will live on forever. God bless you Gene,thanks for all the pleasure your music gave to millions,the music world is poorer for your passing.


Pat Timmins


My heart is crying, as I am too, I will miss you so much, I will cherish your songs,
sing with the angels,

love from Valerie xxx


Shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of Gene. So glad I was able to see him at Twin Towns, Queensland in recent years. Both concerts were fantastic. Will treasure a signed CD. Condolences to his wife and boys.

Carolyn & Graham Fisher, Birkdale, Qld.


I saw Gene back in the 60's with his "Caravan of Stars" tour and always loved his crystal clear voice. Can you imagine the harmonies he and Roy Orbison are creating now? Perhaps John Lennon is writng songs for the three of 'em.

Gene will be dearly missed.

Gil H Jevne, ASLA
Madison, WI


I was so sad to hear the news of Gene's passing. My prayers go out to Gene's wife and Son's. His voice and music touched me at a time when I needed it most and I would like to share a story with you. In 1962 my high school girl friend and I broke up. Well I guess she broke up with me, over the phone no less. I was heart broken. Dam, I was in love with her. I walked past my parents in the living room and went outside to be alone. I sat in my 53 chev and turned on the radio just in time to hear Gene's, only love can break a heart. There I was, a big strong football player sitting in my car wiping the tears away. Good thing my buddies didn't see me. I remember that monent to this day and I am not ashamed to admit it. That was the day I became a Gene Pitney fan and remain so today. I also had the good fortune to see Gene in concert at Las Vegas in 2005. When Gene sang only love can break a heart it took me back to 1962. This time it made me smile as I held my wife's hand. Then Gene sang, she's looking through the eyes of love. I could see the love in my wife's eyes as she smiled at me. I can only hope and pray that Gene knows just how much his music has touched the lives of others.

Ted Taylor


Words cant describe the sadness i feel in my heart since i heard of Genes sudden death. I have been a fan for many years and never missed a concert when he came to Belfast in Northern Ireland. A true legend.



Hello its so sad that Gene Pitney died,My mother is a great fan of him and i grow up with the songs of Gene Pitney.I like his songs just like my mother very much.The songs are so full of emotion and realy beautiful.He was a great performer and he died much to soon.I always remember him because he is a memory of my youth.That he died is terrible news.

Henk van der Stroom


Very sad to lose one of our true rock and roll hero`s gene will always be remember for his wonderful voice in song and good looks and charm my fa of his was so many but the one that stands true in my heart was yesterdays hero what a song I never had the pleasure of seeing him perform live in concert but Im sure it would have been a blast when we lose someone like this it makes us sad and makes us see just how old we are too bye gene you will always play a tune in my heart and be a song that will never die my heart go se out to his family and friends and to all his world wide fans take an hour or two and remember him gene Pitney the man the music the song



i'v been a follower of gene pitney & a fan, and i have all his records & CD's and i was going to see him sing in wales on easter sunday, i could not belive what i heard on t.V, i cried all day. He will always be in my heart & i will always remember what a great singer her was. My condolences go out to his wife& family, it is a very sad lost for the music today. as long as known his music no one as sung like him, this isn't my computer, its my sons but he knows gwd music & gene pitmey is a gwd singer. Wish i could of seen him one more time, just 2 see him & hear him sing but he won't be forgotten. all my wishes

carol clark xxx


I first saw Gene in Wigan in 1966 and the following year I queued all night to get front row seats for his next concert in Wigan it was my 18th birthday and my friend sent in a request for a song Gene sang "PRINCESS IN RAGS" just for me a memory I have always treasured. I have been to about 40 concerts all over the UK my favourite being the Philharmonic Hall in Liverpool I know that this was one of his favourite venues. I have shed many tears over the past couple of days and I know there will be many more when I listen to his songs. My favourite song was Take Me Tonight not a very well known one unless you attended his shows. Thank you Gene for the wonderful music and memories a large part of my life has been following your career and I still can't believe that I will never see you again. My thoughts are with
your family at this sad time may god bless them and maybe they can draw some
comfort by knowing how much you were loved.Thanks again for the memories.

Wigan, UK


What can I say? I cried when I heard the news and I cry every I think of his passing. I am 59 and have loved Gene since I was given a few of his albums by my first love, Bobby, when I was only 14. I have followed Gene's career for 45 years and truly enjoyed the special when he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. My heart goes out to his wife and sons. He is singing with the stars now - I hope it's my favorite song "Cornflower Blue." We love you Gene and we will see you again.



To Gene Pitney's family. Have enjoyed years of his music.

Paula & Roger Howes
Norwich, Vermont


sorry to hear about your loss and his fans loss. he was a GREAT MAN!



I was both shocked and saddened to hear of Gene Pitney's passing yesterday.
Gene was such a brilliant, talented artist, not just a singer, but song writer and amazing person. I met Gene years ago and still think about what a wonderful, natural,
warm hearted person that he was. I was a fan before I met him, but I was even more of a fan after. Such a superb guy. My children were brought up on Gene's music and they in turn became fans. We mourn the passing of a superb artist, but mourn more for the passing of a superb person. Our prayers are with his wife and sons at this very sad time. Gene may be gone, but his music will last forever.

Rest in Peace Gene

June Warlow


Gene is my favorite recording artist. As a teenager I used to memorize his songs and sing along with his records for hours. I only recently discovered his web site and was happy to learn that he was still performing. But at the same time I was sad to learn that he didn't tour the US. I would have loved to see him perform. My heartfelt condolences go out to his wife and family. They can certainly be proud of the man and his legacy. He will live forever in our hearts and through his music.

Ellary Kahan


I was both shocked and saddened to hear of Gene Pitney's passing yesterday. Gene was such a brilliant, talented artist, not just a singer, but song writer and amazing person. I met Gene years ago and still think about what a wonderful, natural, warm hearted person that he was. I was a fan before I met him, but I was even more of a fan after. Such a superb guy. My children were brought up on Gene's music and they in turn became fans. We mourn the passing of a superb artist, but mourn more for the
passing of a superb person. Our prayers are with his wife and sons at this very sad time. Gene may be gone, but his music will last forever.

Rest in Peace Gene

June Warlow and family Warrington U.K.


I was sadden by the new's of your loss.When ever I hear one of his songs it takes me back to my younger day's not always a fond memory(But) remembering Gene's music is a fond memory,it was the type of music that opened your heart and sometimes made it sad, but in a good way and also made it smile,I feel that he will always be with You, and your family, and all of his many many many fans each and every time a song of his is played. What a truly unique and heart warming voice he did have. May you always have a smile as well when you hear your favorite song sung by your loved one.



5th April was to be a good day for me ,going to see Gene at Bristol, I was shocked to hear that he had passed away in Cardiff .I have been a fan since the 60's .My condolences to his wife and family he will be missed by many

Beryl S.Wales


Not since Elvis died have I been so saddened by the death of a singer who filled us with a love of song and dancing. He has been an icon for 40 years. May he rest in peace.

Mary Flood


I’ve seen Gene perform three times live over the years. I am so saddened to hear of the loss of this great singer. My condolences to the family and his music will survive for ever

Paul Kelley


God bless the family, friends and fans of Gene Pitney, a man whose
talent defined young love for many a teenager, myself included. I am deeply saddened by the news of his passing, but I know the good Lord holds him in his palm today.

Pamela Carley


I have admired gene since being a child and he will live on in my memory for a long time as both a great singer and also a great man,one who alot of people will miss sorely. Thank you gene for many years of fantastic music.

stephen horsfield.



I am sending you this same message again as I forgot to sign my name

How sad I was to hear of the untimely death of Gene Pitney. I adored his music and one of my favorites had to be 'Backstage.' I can remember seeing him at The Colston Hall in Bristol in the early 60's. He was a fine and polished performer and will be sadly missed

Goodnight Gene May you Rest in Peace


Val Bristol England


I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Gene's family. My name is Troy Shondell and I am a recording artist from the early sixty's. I had the pleasure of working a show with Gene somewhere in Pennsylvania back in the sixty's. He was one of the most talented singers I ever had the pleasure to work with. He will be deeply missed by all, and will never be forgotten.

God Bless Gene and his Family,

Troy Shondell.


hello i will like to pay tribute to the distinct artist who died in the uk two days ago he was very wonderful please tell me the cause of his sudden death


david clarke


My wife Patricia and I are shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden and tragic death of the great Gene Pitney.

We had the pleasure of attending 2 of Genes concerts and it is not over statement to say that he was a legend in the UK. Gene had a huge following of fans, both young and old alike here and was as popular now as he was during the fabulous 60's. This has come as a complete shock to us all, and our hearts goes out all of his fans, everywhere.

Our deepest condolences go to Gene's wife Lynn and his sons, who will be devastated by the sudden tragic loss of Gene. They will be in our prayers as we thank God for Gene's life and the pleasure that his singing has brought to so many.

How poignient now are those opening lines of "24 Hours from Tulsa".......GOD BLESS YOU GENE, AND THANK YOU.

With deepest condolences,

Richard and Patricia Smith


Saw Gene many times, so hard to come to terms with this.

My heart goes out to his Wife and sons.

Roy Clough


Gene Pitney was voor ons de perfecte zanger, met zijn originele nummers en een gentleman onder de zangers tot heden.

Ineke Schuurman-Verschoor
The Netherlands


I am very saddened by the loss of Gene Pitney. I consider Gene Pitney to be a consummate performer, vocalist, and lyricist, and have had that same opinion since first attending one of his performances way back in the early 60’s. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to attend several Gene Pitney concerts throughout these many years, and have found that throughout the years the quality of his voice had even become greater.

His unique voice, easy style, and his wonderful choice of songs, and of course, that whistle, still leave me with the same “chill” that I first experienced while listening to his recordings way back when I was a teenager. Time still seems to stop in its tracks each time I hear Gene’s voice.

I feel all of us around the world are blessed to have had the honor and opportunity to experience his great talent. How many performers have had such a following?

My deepest condolences go to his family, friends, and fans.

We all will sincerely miss Gene Pitney.

Roslyn Nadler

Boston, MA


Gene Pitney was one hell of a singer,and in the sixties when i was young,his music was the soundtrack i grew up with,a true Star,so sadly missed.

Terry D.


I have been a fan of Gene Pitney for 25 years, I was about eight when I first fell in love with his music. his songs have got me through so much in my life. My wife called me while at work on Wed & told me he had died. We had seen him 7 days before at Hull & once again he was fantastic. I feel like part of me has died inside, my heart felt thoughts go out to his wife & his sons. we will miss him so so much

Craig & Jenny Thackray


I first heard Gene on a record that was my fathers when I was like four of five years old and I never forgot it. The Christmas before I turned 16, my father gave me my first cd of Gene, the same one I heard in the first place. During the following years I made quite a collection and there is almost not an hour that goes by without his voice coming out of my radio. He was my superstar, my hero, and his music made me what I am today. I would like to say a final Thank You to Gene, God bless, and I will never forget you. You are and always will stay a legend!!



I was so sad to hear of Gene's passing. I saw him last Thursday In Nottingham. He performed brilliantly. He was loved as one of our own here in Britain. My deepest sympathy to his family.

Derek Boyes. Scarborough.


My name is doris i am from melbourne australia, i am deeply saddend by the passing of gene pitney, i loved him , as an entertainer, a man ,and a brother,he was a true gentlmen,he was truly brilliant, Gene you were the best you had such a unique voice, god love you may he hold you in his arms,and thanks for your music, and most of all i thank god for giving us YOU. Gene you will never be forgotten .

Love Doris.


What a shock to hear the news!!!! Gene has held a special place in my life for over 30 years. This is a great loss to the music industry & to all his fans worldwide. My heart goes out to his wife & sons.

Angie Knight


I am so sad to hear of Gene's passing. I had the wonderful experience of seeing him in concert some years ago in Australia. I will always remember and laugh because I was the youngest (then 24 years old) on the bus taking us to the concert. All of my friends thought that I was mad. I thought I was lucky to love such a unique voice. His concert stood up to all expectations. I will always remember. Condolences to his wife and three children!

Helen - Townsville, Australia


Sorry to here about Gene , we saw him at The Deco in Northampton recently and have gone to his concerts in Northampton for a number of years. He will be sadly missed by three generations of our family .

J Whitestone and family


Gene, What a wonderful thing you have done for all of us, you have given us songs to listen to, to cry to, to laugh to, to sing to and to love.

There will never be another like you. We will miss you!

Linda Eisenzimmer
Eagan, Mn


I too, am devastated by this horrific news. I knew gene from emails and he was one of the most wonderful human beings i ever had the pleasure of knowing. I sent a condolence email to his family on his email address, but i need to share this experience with others. My friend was in an accident and i knew how much she adored gene. I was able to get in touch with him and we stayed in touch while she recovered. He sent her a few things and eventually phoned her. It made her well again. She was not supposed to survive and because of genes concern and humanity, she is home again.

Gene pitney was one in a million. God bless him.



A Wish For Gene................

How can I write on paper the words i'd like to say,
If I only had one wish,
Then you would be here today!

God Bless



I still can`t believe what I heard this morning. Gone at just 65. Gene Pitney was unquestionably my favorite solo male singing performer of all time. I can remember when I was a teenager I would lock myself in my bedroom , put on my Gene Pitney album full blast , grab a pencil or a screw driver or anything that would make a good microphone and of course I would be standing in front of a large audience and I would sing along with Gene pretending those songs were mine. I did that more times than I can count. The songs that he sang , that to this day still give me goose bumps are “I`m gonna be strong” , “Mr. Moon Mr. Cupid and I “ , “ The Man who shot Liberty Valence” and Half heaven , Half Heartache. Even though I never saw him perform live or met him I have to say -----“Goodbye old friend I will pray for your family to get through these hard days ahead”

Ed Puntervold

Hialeah, Florida


I'm not afraid to admit it. Gene Pitney made me cry when I heard the song: "Only Love Can Break a Heart".

When I first heard it on the radio, it was shortly after my Mom and Dad divorced...and I would think of the loneliness she endured as a single mother raising seven children. Those thoughts would send me into a deep, consuming depression over my Mother's hardship.

Hearing that Gene Pitney has gone away dredges up some of those old familiar feelings again.

It's been said that a performer is truly an artist if he or she reaches deep into the heart of the audience. Gene Pitney reached deep into mine and made me cry.

And I'm not afraid to admit it.

Rest in peace, Gene Pitney. And, give my Mom a hug for me up there.

Mark A. Smallwood
Akron, Ohio


It's a sad sad day for the music business, Gene's fans and his family. My heart goes out to his Wife and Sons. Gene Pitney epitomized growing up in the 60's. Part of my youth goes with him.

Good night Gene, sleep well.

Sylvia Cowell
Huntingdon Cambs.


Thanks for your existence. goodbye. see you in the light.

an italian fan.

Agnese Cravero


i am so sorry to hear of genes death he was one of my favourate singers
he will be sadly missed condolences to all of his family your faithy

mrs gloria bird


what a wonderful man glad to have seen him on saterday 1 april he will live on for ever



I was lucky enough to see Gene Pitney in Concert at Cardiff on Tuesday evening - his last performance.

It is difficult to take in that he will not be around any more.



This is a very sad day for the Music world and myself. Gene has been my favorite singer since I first heard "I want to love my life away." He has brought countless hours of enjoyment to my life. Gene was not only a great singer but a great person. His work with the boys home and other charities says a lot of his character. I believe Gene did love his life away and he shared it with all of us. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. I know God will see you through this.

Dan Hall

Rochester, New York



I grew up listening to Gene Pitney and went to see him in concert several times. His songs all had such meaning and he will never be forgotten.

Rest in Peace.

G Lee
Norfolk, England