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Listening to Gene Pitney yesterday on the radio and hearing the DJ say "The late great Gene Pitney," made my heart sink. I was just stunned! I remember Gene Pitney very well during my younger years. His name was mentioned frequently in my presence. As a teen, I so wanted to meet him. My father, Christopher Spinosa was VP of International Sales at Musicor Records in New York City, at a time when Gene Pitney was connected to that label. My Dad knew Gene at a time when he was soaring. Although my Dad is gone now, (also left us at an early age, 68), I'm sure he is welcoming Gene in heaven with open arms. We have lost one of the most unique & talented voices of our time. My heart goes out to his family.

Rita Spinosa-Moreno


Another legend has left us. But thankfully legends never die. Thank god I went to see Gene last year in Tunbridge Wells. God Bless you Gene. And thank you for for your voice and songs.

Michelle Rivers UK.


Dear Pitney Family:

This is to express my condolences to you. Mr. Pitney was one of the reasons I became a singer in my life also. Thank-you Gene. You will always remain incredible!

From Ron Rene


"In The Cold Light of Day", I heard of Gene's death and was deeply saddened. Also a fan since the mid '60's, I was finally fortunate to see him perform at the Mohegan Sun Casino in CT last November. What a thrill to watch this dynamic man with a voice that sounded even better than any old 45 I own. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife and family as we all share their immense loss.

Linda Integlia - Connecticut


Ich habe vom Tod des wohl bekanntesten Sängers der 60er Jahre gelesen und bin tief erschüttert. Gene, deine Musik wird weiterleben und alle deine Fans werden, über deinen Tod hinaus, dein Vermächtnis von guter Musik und einer unnachahmlichen Stimme nicht vergessen. Du bleibst immer ein Teil meines Lebens......Danke für die wunderschöne Zeit in der ich deine Lieder hören konnte.
Für immer dein Fan. Du wirst allen deinen Fans sehr Fehlen Mein Beileid für deine Frau und deinen drei Söhne.

Ingo Franke aus Berlin Germany


Gene's music has been so much a part of our lives that we feel we have lost a part of our family. We saw him as teenagers in the sixties, and last year were lucky enough to get to meet him after his amazing performance at Casino Rama. He was truly a down-to-earth gentleman. It was an honour to meet someone you have idolized for over 40 years and find out he exceeded all your expectations. There will only ever be one Gene Pitney. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

E. McAlinden
D. Grout
Toronto Ontario Canada


Our best wishes to Gene's family and friends.

He was a great entertainer. We have been fans since the 1960s, and were fortunate to attended 2 of his shows in Wollongong, (Yallah Woolshed), Australia, and enjoyed every song, every minute.

He will be sadly missed, but his music will live on for us and for subsequent generations.

Bob and Jeanne Bishop
Mount Ousley


Like many Pitney fans, I'm shocked to hear of his death. I want to send my condolences to his family and to the many friends who worked with him on his tour. I will always remember Gene for his kindness in autographing a couple of his record albums covers for me this past few months. Like a lot of his fans who spent our teens listening to Gene and his good friends, Bobby Vee, Johnny Tillotson, I will appreciate his music even more. I'll forever treasure his autographed album covers, which are displayed in my music room, as I listen to his old vinyl recordings. Again, my condolences to his family and dear friends.

Chuck Slone in UTAH


Our hearts are saddened at the loss of Gene Pitney.
Good Family, Good Friends
His memory lives on.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this time.

Perosky Family


Our deepest sympathy, love and thoughts go out to the Pitney family,as we are very saddened at such a great loss of an all time great. His music will live on in our hearts forever, as being lifetime fans, every song has a time and place in our lives. His live performances were so majestic and strong, a truly unique voice and a great man. We will always think of Gene when we play his records and relive the wonderful memories he left us.

Love from the Bevan family from Australia.



I was saddened to hear about the death of Gene Pitney this week. My
father, Merwin Brochin was his manager in 1959 when he first teamed up
with Ginny Arnell to from Jamie and Jane. He performed at my 9th
birthday party and graciously dedicated to me the last song at a
performance at the New Haven Arena in the early 1970s after I had
written him a short note. I am sorry to hear of his passing.

Best Regards,

Susan Brochin for the whole Brochin family (Esther, Lori, Mike, and
Jim). We lost Merwin in 2001.


This is very hard for me. I am a Black woman, now 57, and continue to enjoy his genius voice. The man I grew up listening to and continue to enjoy today. I still have his Greatest Hits Album in mint condition. I so loved his music, I bought two of them. I will treasure them all the more. May God keep his family in His care.



I was so upset to hear the news that Gene Pitney had passed away in his sleep. He was such a nice person and had a wonderful voice.

I would like to send my heartfelt condolences to his wife and three sons.

Jane Yonge
Haslemere, Surrey, UK.


I have been a fan of Gene Pitney's from the first time I heard him sing "Town Without Pity". I believe he had one of the greatest voices in the recording industry and the way he sang his songs alway grabbed my soul. I am deeply sadden by his passing. I have seen a few of his shows and I am one fan who will truly miss his proformances.

I would like to wish his family my sincerest condolences and my prayers are with them.

Barbara Brown
Longmeadow, MA


The world has lost not just a great voice but a wonderful man who bought pleasure to many many people...I can still recall seeing him in Sydney too many years condolences to his family.

Cheryl Boot


"If I didn't have a dime and I didn't take the time/ to play the jukebox/ oh oh Saturday night / would've been a sad and lonely night/ for me.."

Gene's hits never stopped in those whirl-a-way days of the early 60's! You can't write about all of them without getting lost in the frothing emotions they bring to the tide surface of your memory. What's your favorite? "That Girl Belongs to Yesterday"? "Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa"? ... I had a rare recording with four of Gene's experimental songs that were unbelievable --but it's gone in the ravages of time!

I wish I could go right now with all these friends writing in ---to a concert that goes on all night with Gene's songs! His gentle spirit would be summoned, I'm sure! Even that crazy folk album with him doing "Little Liza Jane" would rock! I'm gonna be strong right now and play some Gene Pitney!

Tom Rocks in Acme, PA


Please pass on my sincere condolences to Gene´s wife and family.

I, like everyone else, was deeply shocked and saddened to hear about his untimely death. I have followed Gene for over 40 years - his singing was truly wonderful and unique. I went to many, many of his shows and his singing just got better and better as the years went by.

Rest in Peace Gene - you will be sadly missed. Its the end of an era and no-one will ever be able to replace you. Thank you for the wonderful songs and the happy memories you gave to us.

Mags Heath (UK and Spain)


He was really beloved also in Italy in our youth.Condolences to His family.
Ciao,Gene and "Long live the Music".

Filiberto Ricciardi,
Italian tenor.


From my heart, I send my condolences to the family of Gene Pitney. The
two sadest days of my life is the day Roy Orbison and the day Gene Pitney
were taken from us. The two greatest voices ever. I have followed Gene's
music ever since the first time I saw him sing I Wanna Love My Life Away on
American Bandstand. After he sang the song, Dick Clark and Gene sat in
front of the podium and Dick interviewed Gene. I can see it as if it
was yesterday. Through my life I have always said that of all the movie
stars, of all the kings and queens, of all the presidents, the one person I
would want to meet is Gene Pitney. It took me 40 years to accomplish this,
but I did get to meet Gene a few years ago when he did a concert in Glenwood,
Minnesota. Through the help of David McGrath, I was able to go
backstage before the show to finally meet Gene Pitney, shake his hand, and have
my picture taken with him, and it was the greatest day of my life. Thank
you Gene, thank you for the happiness you put into my life with your music.

Robert Doolittle
Burnsville, MN


Just wanted to add how saddened I was to hear the news, I loved his voice; he was a great man.

I noticed that his 'official' site disappeared late on Monday afternoon - hope they haven't pulled it; I always think it's better to leave it going as a tribute, like this one. Thanks.



My deep and sincere condolences to Gene Pitney's family. I also feel as though one of the greatest artist, good friend, and a family member has passed. I grew up through the 60s, 70s and 80's. I had all of Gene's LP albums and now CDs.. I have seen Gene in concert through out his career. Gene's music has taken me through good times and some very tragic times. And through it all, there was always one constant and that was hearing his voice singing his music. I will miss Gene Pitney, it is truly a sign of an end to a musical era, which he was one of the headliners.


Donald L Scholinski


I was greatly saddened to hear of the death of Gene Pitney. What a voice especially when one has been able to hear him sing live three times. Another star of the fab sixties has gone to the next world. At least we have our memories.

Ted Shepherd


A true loss! I never had the opportunity to see him perform, but I
still have most all of his 45s and albums from the 60s. I don't know of
anyone from his era who could sing a ballad in such a way to so strongly stir
one's emotions the way he could. It's much more than "half heartache"
his fans and loved ones are feeling.

Colesville, MD, USA


Just wanted to add my heartfelt condolences at Gene Pitney's passing.

Those of us not old enough to have appreciated his music at the time, now in our 40's, seem to have been brought up on music like his, and now are able to listen to it, with the aid of radio stations such at Capital Gold in the UK.

They considered themselves friends of Gene, and had a wonderful tribute programme, which i really enjoyed.



I was shocked and so, so sad at the news of Gene's death. I was lucky enough not only to meet him but to be his nurse a few times several years ago. He was such a kind and giving person. He brought me a beautiful picture that he wrote a lovely personal message on. He gave me several CD's that he signed. The material things were lovely..but what he gave me was so much more. He talked to me about his life but he cared enough to ask about mine. I will always remember this wonderful, warm person as he was..and listen to his music and smile..My deepest sympathies to his loving family.




My husband & I saw Gene on Sunday 2nd April at the Symphony Hall Birmingham and he set the hall dancing. We have been fans for 30 years and could not believe it when we heard that he had died. He is a bright new star and heaven is rocking and rolling. We will miss him so much but his name will live on forever thanks to his talent a one off. Our deepest condolences to his family who were sadly not with him they are in our prayers. He left us with great songs to sing but left us to soon. God bless you Gene Thank you for many years of songs and concerts.

Pam & John Smith Sutton Coldfield England


I was saddened to hear of Gene passing, as a kid growing up with his mu ice, that gave me and my wife so many good years of listening. We lived in Ma and always went to Warwick theater in R.I. to see him. People like Gene are put here by GOD to give us all enjoyment in life. No one can live for ever, but for as long as I live Gene will in our hearts. I like to thank his wife for allowing him on the road being away from family to bring us joy. We will miss him

Robert and Vivian Bartlett


I want to express my heartfelt condolences to Gene Pitney's family, and loved ones, relative to his untimely death.

My heart is breaking over this great loss to the Music World and to myself personally.

I was just a few nights ago, perusing the internet for recent information about Gene Pitney. I did download a clip of one of my favorite songs: "24 hours from Tulsa".

I have appreciated and enjoyed Gene Pitney's music since I was 9 years old!

I attempted to do an interview with him in 1996..... as he was preparing to do a concert here in Minneapolis, Minnesota at that time.

He was a great singer, and left a rich music legacy. I will long remember him.

The Lord bless, and comfort his dear family at this sad time.


Kafi Cosette' Sondai


Hi just a few words to say how deeply upset i was of the news of gene passing on, he was one of my all time favourites. I was so lucky too see him on his recent uk tour in worthing as a birthday present, he was excellant and will be sadly missed by me and my fiancee and our two friends we all loved him. Our thoughts are with his family.

Richard, Mirella, Chris and Linda. West Sussex (uk).


was in the UK this week when I saw the headline in the evening paper that Gene Pitney had passed away in his sleep. It saddened me greatly. It would be an exageration to describe me as a big fan, but I loved his singing style and it reminded me that one of the first LPs I ever bought back in the early 1960's was a compilation of Gene Pitney's Greatest Hits. I have no idea whatever happend to that old LP, but many of the songs are still very fresh in my mind after 40 years. I send my condolences to Gene's wife and sons.

Charles Schwarck


Hello,just to say i'm still in disbelive about what has happened,i met Gene 3 times,which i shall never forget,why you were taken so soon,still does'nt make sense,please rest now Gene.

Perry Loughton,essex.


My deep and sincere condolences to Gene Pitney's family. I also feel as though one of the greatest artist, good friend, and a family member has passed. I grew up through the 60s, 70s and 80's. I had all of Gene's LP albums and now CDs.. I have seen Gene in concert through out his career. Gene's music has taken me through good times and some very tragic times. And through it all, there was always one constant and that was hearing his voice singing his music. I will miss Gene Pitney, it is truly a sign of an end to a musical era, which he was one of the headliners.


Donald L Scholinski


Gene was a great singer and will be sadly missed, i was lucky to see gene in concert and even more so as a birthday gift to my man Richard we saw him in Worthing at the Pavilion on march 25th 2006. He was just great full of life and great energy and the voice so wonderful, we will never forget that night and will as always continual to play his music.

Goodnite Gene, lots of love

Mirella and Richard xxx


I am deeply saddened by the passing of the man who I consider to be the greatest singer who ever lived. I love you Gene.

Joseph Fischer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to Lynn & the boys for their very sad loss of a fabulous man, brilliant singer and song writer, the world will be a much sadder place without him. He will be greatly missed.

From Val & Denis in Liverpool UK


i am sad to hear that gene has died my thoughts go out to his family at this time, i recently saw him live at fairfield halls croyden uk on 24.3.06 his peformance was briliant. i took my 10 yr old son and gene made a point at the end after he sung town without pity to go over to him and shake his hand my son will remember that forever thank you for that gene you wil always be remembered for your music and the joy you gave millions of people all over the world rest in peace gene and thank you for sharing your life with us

mark davenport


Gene: Will be missed greatly by all his fans....His music brought us joy over the many years of his carreer. Like Bing Crosby he died doing what he loved to do....We should all be so lucky..

His music will live on

Uncle bob


Over 25 years ago i was the a&r man for an offshoot of musicor and had the opportunity to release a greatest hits package and had to make decisions on what to pull off the compilation. Some of his misses were better than the hits (ex. Backstage).

People don’t realize the strong influence he had in rock particulary with the “art rock” acts. His tremelo and moody delivery influenced people like david bowie, marc bolan, brian ferry, morrissey and even donovan to name a very few.

God bless gene pitney

John Veranes


So sorry to hear about Gene. He was one of my favourites. My condolences to his wife and family.

Barbara Hunt


As a life long fan of Gene's, we're about the same age, I always found something unique and moving in his style of delivering a song. He infused his lyrics with an emotional quality that just touched a cord within me. Some singers just have that ability to somehow stimulate your memories and transport you emotionally for a few minutes to places and people who impacted your life and all the feelings and emotions that were associated with them. His music will live on but it will be a sadder world knowing that somewhere out there crowds will no longer be jumping to their feet in standing ovations for this gifted artist.

Dan Devlin


I am Very sad to hear of Gene pitneys death, we loved his performances and he was a truly great artist who will be sadly missed, he was simply the best. His music will be with us forever.

Geoff & Hazel Belson Brentwood uk


There was a 2 ½ to 3 hour Gene Pitney Anthology on XM Satellite Radio on Wednesday and it was very good. They played many of Gene’s songs from the 60’s as well as those that he wrote, and during the course of the show was an interview with Gene, which was wonderful. I cannot tell you how fortunate I felt to be able to hear all of his songs and hear him talk about his life and career.

Deborah Lynch
Rosemont, Illinois


I, too, am mourning the silencing of one of the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard. I only wish I could have enjoyed more live performances. My prayer is that his family can find comfort in the memory of him, of his warmth and kindness, and know that he brought joy to many, all over the world.



I have been a huge fan of Gene Pitney since the very start of his career. I first saw him at a Dick Clark Caravan of Stars show in Pennsylvania in the early 60’s. Most recently, my ex wife Tina and I saw him do a benefit concert for public radio in Allentown, PA. If anything, he was better than ever! His unique talent and humility will be sorely missed and impossible to replace. My heart goes out to all the people he’s impacted over the years. I know they feel the same way.

Vince Krevinas
mclean, VA 22101


When I was a teen-ager Gene used to perform at a local night club here in Baltimore. I couldn't wait until I turned 21 so that I could go to this night club. You see I was convinced that once I met him, we would connect and I would one day marry him. Unfortunately, the nightclub closed before I turned 21.

Gene's songs were the onces I listened to whenever my heart was broken. I would sing along and cry and somehow I felt better.

I finally got to see him perform in person about 5 years ago. I was so happy.

I always play his songs - they are on my computer, on my Ipod, anyplace I can play music. In fact, my young nieces tease me about "the old people" music I listen to.

When I turned on my computer the other day and saw the news of his passing, I nearly passed out! For me there will not be anyone better.

I loved this man when I was young and I love this man now that I am in my "close to" senior years.

God bless him and his family

Ann C. Cusic


I'm so sorry to hear of the death of Gene Pitney he was a great singer,he will be surely missed

deepest sympathy
Diane Barnes


My thoughts and prayers go out to the Pitney family. May the memories of their father and the support of family and Friends get them through this shocking painful time. I had the opportunity to get to know Chris Pitney when he lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Please forward this e-mail to him and let him know that the Collin's family the Doyle family and Beth (Ward) Davis are remembering him and all the great times we had together!

Megan Collins


I still remember the very frist concert I went to back in the 60's as a young teen was to see Gene at the Hamburg Field House in Hamburg, Pa..... I was so lucky to get a front row you can imagine how great that was......In recent years...I have enjoyed watching him on PBS.......will surely miss his smile and singing.....

Grammie juju


I’d like to extend my deepest sympathies & condolences to the family of Gene Pitney, especially his son, Chris. I worked with Chris at an ad agency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and know how proud he was of his father…and rightly so.

Again, my thoughts & prayers are with the family during this very sad time. He will be greatly missed.


Mary Miller (formerly Michaelis)
Waukesha, Wisconsin


Gene Pitney was my favourite singer when I was growing up, I am still and always will be a fan. Deepest Sympathy to Gene's family, who have lost a wonderful husband and father. I know we all feel your pain at this sad time.

New Zealand


I was exposed to gene as my older sister loved him and then i grew to also. What an exceptional voice and talent hw was. I had been listening to him in the car and heard of his passing. My synpathy's go out to the family. Their loss can only be imagined.
The rest of us will feel the loss of his presence. He will be missed. I was always hoping for a california tour, but we still have his music.

My best regards,
Mark mikkelson


It is with great sadness that Gene has passed away. My wife and I have been fortunate enough to see Gene on his last two appearances at Fairfield Halls in Corydon, and the only reason we could not see him two weeks ago was due to Pam having an operation. Gene was a wonderful performer with a unique voice and a person dedicated to his craft and with total respect to the audience Gene will be sadly missed by us and millions of other fans through the world. Please send our thoughts to his wife and children during this sad time, they will feel justly proud of the pleasure he has brought to all his fans.

Pam and Alan


Just want to say It was a pleasure to have such a wonderful "HEART THROB" way back in my early teens. Will always remember you with love and affection

Lynne from South Shields Tyne & Wear England


what a wounderful man never to be forgoten

Sandra Biss


I played ,and listened to his music all my life,he had a special voice that captured the heart of millions. He will be missed, but his music lives on. WE miss you gene.



What a sad day April 4th 2006 has turned out to be. I've grown with Gene from the heady days of the very early 60's through to this very day. I've got my collection of LP's to remember him by and that's something that I can cherish for ever. I was 17 I reckon, when I first heard Gene, in 1961 or thereabouts and I was astounded at his range and the passion in his voice. It is a sad loss for all and I would like to say I wish the Family of Gene all the best and I'm sure they are playing some of his greats as we speak. Irreplaceable.

Allen Gledhill
Western Australia.


Hi Michelle Heslop here from sunderland united kingdon

i would just like to offer my condolences to gene pitney's family.

i'm 25 years old and my mam has two cds of gene pitney and my favourite
songs are 24 hours from tulsa and true love never runs smooth.

my condolences again.

Michelle heslop and family


Gene I feel devastated- not only has the world lost the best singer and song writer - your fan club has lost a true friend - I have been a devoted fan since age 13 when I was lying in the sun with my transister radio playing and heard - 24 hours from Tulsa - . In April last year my 3 sisters and I flew from Wellington New Zealand to Sydney Australia to your show and had the privilege of meeting you before the show - what a moment - what a show and I have been to 7 - but if that had to be the last it was the best for sure. Gene your music has been my life thank you for the pleasure it has given me. You rest in peace you will be missed. My husband Kevin our daughter Andrea - [who cut her teeth on your music] and I sent our love and heartfelt sympathy to your lovely Lynne, Todd, Chris and David and family.

Marilyn Healy. Wellington New Zealand


I was shocked and saddened to hear that another great talent has left the stage.
Thank you for the memories Gene. My deepest sympathies and thoughts go to your family.

Cliff Inglis
Christchurch, New Zealand


We never forget our first love and Gene Pitney was mine. Wednesday's news was devastating and I cannot imagine what agonies his wife and sons must be suffering at his passing.

I saw every performance Gene made at the Colston Hall, Bristol (UK) throughout the sixties, seventies and eighties, and my abiding memory is of him illuminated by a single spotlight before a silent Bristol audience singing "Scarlet Ribbons". There were very few dry eyes in the house at the end of his song, and he never reprised the tune on future occasions.

My thoughts, condolences, and love, are with Gene's family. May the love of his countless fans around the world help to sustain them at this time, and may Gene rest in the eternal peace he so deserves.

God Bless Mr Pitney, you are so sorely missed.

Marion Symonds
Weston super Mare,
United Kingdom


G reat loss with deepest

E motions and tears

N ear and far

E ver in our hearts

P rays for his wife and family

I n our hearts forever

T twenty four hours a day

N ever forgotten

E ver remembered

Y because we love him

Vic and Vale - UK


For forty years, since I was thirteen, Gene has provided the soundtrack for my life.

Although we have never met, I have always treasured Gene as a steadfast and loyal friend. He has been there for me during the good times and the bad - and for the housework, too, for he would always be around to keep me company when doing onerous chores. I know his music will live on, but it wont be quite the same now - I feel I will be unable to listen to him in future without experiencing the underlying sadness of knowing he is no longer with us.

My love for Gene and his music is so well-known to all my family and friends that I have received messages of condolence from the four countries I have lived in (New Zealand, the Philippines, Australia and, currently, England). I am touched that they immediately thought of me when they heard the news of Gene's death, and wanted to pass on their sympathies. I feel the pain of his passing; so I can imagine how heartbroken his own real-life family and friends must be at this time. I hope it is some comfort to them to know that Gene's fans are thinking of them as we share in their mourning. I wish to take this opportunity to send Gene's loved ones my heartful thanks for generously sharing Gene with us throughout these many years, even though there must have been many times when it was very difficult to do so!

Gene's music appealed to four generations of my family - my parents, myself and my siblings, my children and now my little grandson. I suspect there will be many more generations to come who will enjoy his unique voice, talent, and his music.

If he had to leave the planet much too soon, it is a small comfort that it was obviously a peaceful, gentle passing.
But oh, how we'll miss him!

Michele Wheeler, Whitby, U.K.


It was a very sad day indeed, the day Gene Pitney died. Having only lost my own husband last year Gene Pitney's poor wife and family back home in America must be devastated.

As a Hull girl I have happy memories of seeing Gene Pitney at the ABC in Hull, England back in 1964. As a 12 year old I wrote him a fan letter and was shocked to say the least when he read it out from the stage and invited me up to be sung to. Of course I just sat in my seat and cried buckets. Two women sitting next to me (in about the 5th row in the stalls) did their best to encourage me to shout out and even spoke to the usherette but all I could do was sit and watch the show through my tears. When Gene Pitney realised I was not going to go forward he dedicated the song "Princess in Rags" to me. Ever since that day I have regretted not having gone to the stage but all I thought then was he wouldn't want me going forward. When I got to school the next day some older pupils closer to the stage couldn't believe that I had missed such an opportunity. Of course there wasn't photocopy machines in those days so I don't have proof of the letter but my memories are enough. I did go and see him on his next visit to Hull but I wasn't as brave as to even write to him then. Even though I have seen Gene twice since that time - once in Edinburgh and once in Glasgow - I never did manage to meet him face to face. I had hoped to have done so when he came to Edinburgh this coming Sunday.

God Bless him.

Margaret Wilson
Now living in Edinburgh, Scotland


I have been a fan of Gene’s since the early 60”s. I first saw him as a teen in my home town of Beckley, West Virginia. One of my most memorable life experiences was actually talking with him on the phone about 25 years ago while still living in Beckley. A few years ago I was in Dublin and got off the train and saw a poster advertising an upcoming concert in Dublin. I tried to change my reservations so I could stay for the show, but it didn’t work out. I am now a 57 year old very successful professional living in Florida. I literally sat at my desk this morning and cried this morning when I read about Gene’s passing. I have several of his CD’s in my truck and will listen to him much in the next few days. I will also get several phone calls from friends and family because I have always been known by them as a huge GENE PITNEY fan. A big part of my life for over 40 years is gone.

Larry Harrah


I would like to express my deepest sympathy to Gene's family at this time.
Gene was a loyal visitor to our shores and he will be sorely missed by his friends,Fans and Family.


Mark Fox


Very sorry to hear of the death of Gene,have met and seen Gene many times, being a musican and singer paying tribute to the man and his music for many years now. Please pass on condolences to family at this sad time.

Tony Vincent


I have been to two concerts in Australia to see gene the last was in Kalgoorlie 2002 a signed picture of him he signed himself however I only ever seen gene in concert I remember after each song he sang in Kalgoorlie wa I would stand and applaud him after each song.gene Pitney I will never stop playing your music my favourite is backstage.i am sure our radio stations will never forget you,and every time I hear your voice I will remember a man who always presented himself will beauty and deepest sympathy for genes wife and children.



Si mi ricordo di lui ero una ragazzina piccola ho 50 quest'anno mi e' dispiaciuto tantissimo quando l'ho saputo. Saluti



Thanks Gene for your wonderful music and lots of memories from the past 40 years! We never met, but I feel that I knew you. You'll be missed.

I saw Gene in concert on Saturday night in Bradford (1/04/06) - one of the best experiences in my life. So glad I saw him before this sad loss.

My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.

Moira xx


Gene has brought me so many hours of enjoyment. I saw him in concert last month in Michigan for the first time. I was awed by his voice. It was so much more than I expedted to hear!

A friend who also attended the concert at the Soaring Eagle went back stage and had albums autographed, and his picture taken with Gene. They, too, were impressed with his graciousness.

May his family find solace in the memories I'm sure they have created together along the knowledge he was loved and respected by many.



Town with pity - Bye an thanks Gene

Claus Nybroe



I am so sorry about Gene Pitney. I have been listening to his records since I was 5 years old. I am now 43. The records belonged to my mother and I am thankful she had such good taste in music! I was fortunate to see him in concert when I lived in Boston but unfortunately, my mom never had the opportunity. We are both very sad but we will always have his music.

Debbie Coleman


Although very saddened by his death, he will always be my all time favorite male singer. The first 45 record I ever bought was "the last exit to Brooklyn".
Gene you will be very missed, but never forgotten.
Thanks for your gift of music. You made a BIG difference in my life.

charlie szilagyi


I just wanted to say how sad I was to hear the news. I remember Gene years ago when I was about 14 and he had his first baby son Todd. I went to a concert and gave him a toy for the baby and he talked to me (from the stage) and the next day I received in the post a lovely thank you card and picture from him. I was thrilled and became a life long fan. I was so shocked to hear the news as he was looking so well and performing. How can a 65 year old healthy man (I believe he was a bit of a health/fitness nut!) die in a hotel room in Wales. My thoughts are with his wife Lynne and his three sons.


I have been a fan of Gene Pitney's since I was 9 years old and went to
see him when he was in Newcastle 2 years ago. He really knew how to put on a
show and how to get everybody involved. My condolences to his wife and
children. He will be missed by all

Mandy - Newcastle Australia


We at Modern Guitars Magazine are all saddened by the passing of Mr. Pitney and loved the music he wrote and the songs he gave us that will remain among our very
favorites. Please, pass along our deepest sympathy to his family, loved ones and friends.


Rick Landers


He will be greatly missed, my husband and i were going to see him this evening in liverpool, we are so upset, but a lovely way to go, our thoughts are with his wife and three sons.

Maureen & james keelan


I know Gene will like this poem:

"Do Not Weep"
Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush,
I am the swift, uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry.
I am not there. I did not die.
by Mary E. Frye

I have loved Gene's songs since I was a teen and heard him sing Backstage.
I was so shocked to hear of his death. I had just discovered his web site last year and was hoping to see him when he came to the U.S.

My best to his family.

Denise, Michigan, U.S.


Gene's family,
I would like to express my sorrow at the passing of a truly legendary singer and send my heart felt condolences to you his family. My friend and I were due to see Gene perform in Liverpool tonight instead we will sit together, listen to his magical music and raise a glass to the memory of a wonderful singer. You will have many proud and happy memories to hold onto after your time of sorrow.

Much love


Just wanted to add that I loved the sound of his Music.
Growing up in Manchester UK - his music was part of my youth.
Fun and happy days filled with happy music from the USA.
Many thanks for his contributions to the joy of our youth.

Linda Watson now NJ USA


to all of mr pitneys family and friends , my sister and i went to his concert in birmingham uk on sunday 3rd april and will never forget it , he was brilliant , having grown up listening to my mums records of him we had always wanted to see him perform , we feel terribly blessed to have been given that chance . we send our deepest sympathy and hearfelt wishes to you all at this sad time



To Mr Pitneys family and friends , having grown up listening to our mothers records of Pene pitney, to see him perform was an all time ambition for my sister and myself. We were truly blessed to be able to see him on sunday 2nd April in Birmingham UK. He was, as expected amazing . we would like to send our deppest sympathy and hearfelt wishes to you at this very sad time. Our loss is great , yours must be devestating

Our sincere condolences

Jacky Davies
Tracy Cox


Sympathy to Lynne & Children

Hello my name is Gaylene Faulkner from Tasmania, Australia and have been a fan of Gene's since I was very young, being only 9 years younger than Gene.
I would like to offer my sincere condolences to his wife and family on his passing.
the world has lost a wonderful and talented Songwriter and Performer and is truely a legend. My heart goes out to the family as they have lost much more and I can understand the sadness they must be feeling, having lost both my parents.
I was very lucky to be able to finally see Gene in concert due to a mutual friend, Rodney Vincent, here in Australia. It was an ambition I wanted to fill in my lifetime but the best thing was during the concert, being able to shake the hand of such a brilliant man, I will remember him always.

Please accept my condolences and may God be with you.

Gaylene Faulkner


To the family of Gene Pitney my sincere condolences his voice has and will continue to bring great joy and sorrow and will not be forgotten.

Jim Cuffe


My first introduction to Gene was when I was a child.
A stray record in a collection of old albums - It
Hurts To Be In Love, I'm Gonna Be Strong -- wow, I was
hooked. That was more than 30 years ago. I have sinced
picked up every album, cassette, cd I come across.

When Gene played in Minnesota a few years ago, I was
so in awe of his energy and the fact he could still
sound like the albums I have. He was AMAZING! I know,
I sat there for several songs like a love-struck teen
- and melted into my chair when he did Half Heaven,
Half Heartache.

I'll always cherish the moments he took the time chat
with me on ICQ. The first time, he told me about the
project he was working on with his son. He was so
excited. The last time we spoke, he said he was still
trying to get a date for Illinois.

My heart and love go out to his family.

Becky(aka t-rose)


Heard the news on public radio, am deeply saddened. Grew up listening to one of my all-time favorite artists. Just recently picked up on what Gene was doing and was looking forward to one of his performances this year. Magnificent entertainer who will be truly missed. My thoughts and prayers to the family.

Frank Meridian, Mississippi


Just to say thank you Gene, although I did not know you directly, I appreciated your musical talents
and did enjoy spinning them on the airwaves for other fans to sing along to.

May your golden voice continue, on your new venue!

Fare thee well, baladeer.... from this plane of existence...

Online Traveller


We have lost one of our greatest singers, I have 6 of his lp's. He will be missed, by all.

Sam Lewis


I am from Australia & have followed Gene's career as I loved his voice, so unique. He sang beautifully & beautiful songs. I am so very sad that he has now passed away as he had so much more entertainment to offer his legions of fans.



We say our Gene as we feel apart of Gene and his music belongs to all of us his long lasting fans.

Our first thoughts are with Gene’s family and we send our sincere sympathies to them at this so sad time.

May the strength of your family give you comfort. We share your loss.

Thank you Gene so very much for over 40 years of your music and wonderful concerts, from our Teens to this very day

you have been with us and will remain in our hearts, the friend we have never spoken too, but so sadly mourn.

God Bless you

Sue Chris & Jenny


Gene was a one of a kind and we were all blessed to have traveled the road of life together. He sang from his heart and touched all of us with his songs, he'll never be replaced.

Larry + Linda Sanders


Hello my name is Bobbie , my two sons , my x husband my sisters all would like to express our deep sadness by the passing of this man . my sons who are 17 and 14 , and myself who is 49 never liked the same kind of music until it came to Gene Pitney. when we would go for long rides in the car I would get out my Gene Pitney cd and know one would argue about the music. we enjoyed every song on both the cd's I had . I grew up listening to him. and had the great pleasure of seeing him twice, both times at the Sumerfest grounds in Milwaukee WI which is about a 30 minute drive from my home town of Kenosha, both times I saw him he was outstanding. In fact the newspaper said that Gene Pitney rocked the house . just wanted to let you know he will be greatly missed by a family in Kenosha WI.

a forever fan, Bobbie and boys


Sitting here listening to my favourite song - Gene are you there,
followed by Backstage I realise just what an unforgettable image Mr Gene Pitney has left on the world, he was a true performer and friend to all.

Over the last 35 years I have had the everlasting pleasure of
attending 31 concerts of Gene's here in Sydney, Australia
and I like many others were looking forward to seeing Gene again
later this year, but now we have only memories.

To the Pitney family my sincere thoughts and prayers are with you
all, and to his may helpers and friends God Bless you too at this time of sadness.

The world is a sadder place at loosing a true performer Mr Gene Pitney

To my fellow fans of the immortal Gene Pitney, sit down and play your favourite songs - it does help

Gene will never be forgotten as long as we play his music

God Bless you All

Maree (a #1 aussie fan)


I would like to send my condolences to Gene Pitney's family. He was a great singer and he will certainly be missed.

Linda Friesen


I live in Connecticut and am proud to say that Gene loved living in our state – I always wanted to meet him and never had the opportunity. But I first saw him in concert back in the early 60’s and then again when he made his comeback many years later. I bought a bunch of tickets and invited a group of friends to watch him perform in the old Oakdale theatre. I was amazed at his voice and how little it had changed. Luckily I got to see him several times since then and twice in 2005 in Connecticut concerts. I felt like a teenage girl around my first love and all the years in between faded away. He was one of a kind and will be sadly missed. I hope that his funeral is open to the public – I will be there to say a final thank you to him for sharing his music with the world.

Mary Ellen


I spent hours and hours in my youth singing along with Gene Pitney songs.
He was my favorite singer, but I haven't heard much about him in the last
few years. I want to get out my old album and sing along.

Sunni Fisher
Ft Worth Texas


Just want to say that Yes, I was very sad when I heard that Gene Pitney had died. But then I thought of all the beautiful, timeless music he had given us, and my heart became glad again. Rather than mourn, I decided I will simply celebrate the life of a beautiful and very talented soul! Have fun up there, Gene!

In music and love, *Susan*


I'm shocked and deeply saddened to hear of Mr. Pitney's passing. Although he only lived a short distance away and I've played his music til the records wore out...I've never had the privilege to hear him in concert. He had the purist voice I've ever heard and his emotion would go right through you. Just can't believe he's gone.

When I was young my father walked in while I was playing one of his album's and asked if that was Gene Pitney. When I said 'yes' and asked why he told me he worked with his father-in-law and he spoke kindly of him saying he was even nicer then he looked. Just seems so odd that people all over the world had seen him and he lived only a l/2 hr. away and I will never get that chance. Connecticut is so proud of the 'Rockville Rocket'.

My deepest sympathy to his family. Thank you for sharing him with the rest of the world. May you find some comfort in knowing how much everyone loved him.



To the Pitney Family:

Our deepest sorrow on the passing of a legendary singer. He had a sound that no one could duplicate. The words to his songs were so touching and he sang each one of them with heart and soul.

He will be missed so very much. My girlfriend Gayle in New York had the opportunity to meet him backstage when he performed in Upstate New York. She attended every concert he did up there. She is totally devastated at his passing. She also sends her condolences.

God Bless all of you.

Jackie Bowman


One more face for the Rock N Roll Band in Heaven.

What can I say If there is a Rock N roll heaven God sure has a Hell of a Band.

Pat Fitzpatrick Sydney -Australia