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As I recall it was summer 1966 or 67 - I can't quite remember. My girlfriend and I went to a suburban Chicago concert in Matteson, Illinois at a stage that was set up on a football field facing the bleachers. After the Buckinghams sang Kind of a Drag we hear Gene Pitney sing. After he sang one song, he apologized and he said he had to leave immediately, as he had just heard that his wife was in delivery of their first child! I never forgot that moment. We were with Gene Pitney the night his wife gave him a child!

Lee Iverson
Palmdale, California


I just recently learned of Mr.Pitneys passing and I am saddened as hell.

Anyone who ever listened to him sing, felt the same emotion as he did.He was not a singer but an artists artist. Folks like him rarely come along in our lifetime.

I feel like a part of my childhood has been taken from me and I am sad for it happening.A part of my youth is gone and I am all the more sad for it.

Peace be with you Mr.Pitney;
Bob Kline


We were completely shattered and heartbroken when we heard that Gene had died on the morning of the 5th. We had been to see him in concert in Worthing only a week or so before and he seemed to be in wonderful form – we had a great evening!

Gene has always been to us one of the best singers of the 60s and growing up in Ireland all my friends and myself constantly played his music and talked about him. I had such happy memories of those days. We are still in shock and would like to send a condolence to his family as we loved him so much.

From heartbroken Eleanor and Dave.


I was very saddened to hear of Gene's passing. I always wanted to communicate with him as we had met under unusual circumstances years ago.

My only meeting with Gene if you can believe it, was at Lackland AFB, TX in the spring of 1962. I was going through Basic Training for the Air Force. As we had to do several times while at Lackland, we were sent to the far side of the base to perform KP or kitchen police. Gene was not in my Flight but was in another Flight that was also performing KP that day and in that chow hall. As I understand it, Gene was going through Basic Training as part of his Air National Guard or AF Reserve duty. I have a newspaper clipping somewhere that was in the Base newspaper. They had interviewed him while he was at Lackland. I can remember it so well because the movie "The Man who shot Liberty Valence" was playing at the base theaters at the time. Someone introduced me to Gene and to the others there on KP. Naturally, we didn't have time to chat. Just a smile and a handshake. But I will never forget that day.

Buck Seibert


I have been a fan of Gene Pitney's since I was 6 years old. I am now 49 I was so totally devastated by his passing. His music has meant so much to me for
so long I always wanted to see him live in concert but the 2 times I got tickets to see him both concerts were canceled, once because of a snow storm and the other time because he became ill and not able to perform. Thank you for maintaining a great web site and tribute to him.

This message is sent with love from me to you.

Love Pat


I was so very sad to hear of Genes untimely death. He was always one of my favourite singers. I still treasure my 45rpm record I still have of 24 Hours From Tulsa. The world has lost a great performer and a nice man.

Peter Minkley.



I am an aussie from a little town 100 miles from Melbourne, Australia. I am just listening to the platinum selection album, and specifically "A Town Without Pity".
Suddenly I was overcome with memories of one of my most favourite singers. I am 60 years old and only saw him in concert once, and that was his last tour to Oz at a place called Warragul. I was fortunate enough to get the last two seats enabling my wife and I to go. Boy am I so happy we did. His performance was nothing short of sensational. His voice,still, perfection, his back ups were absolutely exact, and his interaction with the audience was simply fantastic. It was one of the most special events of our lives, and made even more so now by his unfortunate and untimely demise.

We grew up with what was, and probably always will be, the most important time in music, with the birth of rock and yet still with an appreciation for the previous traditional styles of music. Gene Pitney will live in our hearts and his songs will always bring back the memories for time immemorial. In closing I am now listening to "True Love Never Runs Smooth". Boy what a true statement.

Gil Julin


His voice ... His songs ... will live on forever ....



This is a belated condulence. Gene Pitney was the greatest! His songs came from a time where songs really meant something! and there was always something in his music we all could relate to! His music was different from the rest, and thats whats seperates him from the ordinary music in the industry!God Bless Gene!

Mike Charron from Connecticut.


We were shocked and saddened to hear of Gene Pitney’s death. We attended his concert the previous Saturday evening, 1st April at St George’s Hall in Bradford. It was a brilliant performance. He will be greatly missed and long remembered.

Sheila, Paul, Pauline and Phil.


Hi to you Lynne and your family,

I'm Diane (Conopast/Grous) Velasco (26 yrs.) I was a friend of your beautiful sister, Sharon and, of course, Gene. My heart aches, and I did cry when I heard the news. We wern't "hang out type" friends, but most all of us kids at that time were close, I
guess because Rockville was a small town. My sister's first husband, Eddie Stutz's brother was married to Gene's aunt, so I guess were were related at one time
through marriage too, and of course we graduated together from good old RHS.

My heart goes out to you as does all who knew Gene and you. I have lost contact with everyone back East as I have no relatives there any longer, and my beautiful son just brought us this computer last week! We didn't have one (nor really had any interest in one), but the kid (kid? 44 yrs. old)wanted us to finally join the 21st century so here we are. I guess that's why I lost contact with everyone. I'm sorry it took this to get in contact with you. I loved your sister, and we were best friends for a long time. I miss her.

God Bless you and know that Gene will be in our hearts forever and one day we will all be together in the best place ever.

With love,



My sincere condolences to Gene's wife Lynn and 3 children. Gene was a staple of my youth and I have been lucky enough to see him in concert. His songs had great meaning for me and his talent was astonishing. He truly was one of the 'great' in music and he will be much missed. Gene, I know you have joined that choir in "Rock and Roll Heaven" and someday I plan to be there when you sing again for me!

Kathy DeWees


Dear Lynn and Boys,
I would like to convey my deepest sympathy on the sudden and very sad loss of Gene. I have attended all of Genes concerts to Australia, since I first seen him as a" then vibrant 25 year old" back in the 70's and I am currently 57. I cannot express the brilliance that he displayed as a performer, as each concert certainly was stepped up to topple each other over and over to be better than the last. To me Gene will live on through his music and the many admirers and dedicated fans like my self to keep his music alive and well. I was personally shattered and shed many tears when I heard the passing of Gene, as It is just such a dramatic loss to the music world and the millions of fans who adored him as I did.

Carol Pratt


I first saw Gene Pitney at the infamous July 11, 1987 Club Bene show in Sareville, New Jersey. Some guy wrote him a letter, saying he wouldn't attend because he was convinced he died of a brain tumor years before, but if still alive, he invited him to a party he was hosting nearby after the show. Gene read the letter to audiences for years for laughs. But it just served to show how long he had been away from audiences up until then.

I was a fan since I first heard that unusual voice of his singing "Louisiana Mama" in the early '60s I followed him ever since, but he never appeared anywhere near my vicinity until that summer night at Bene. I was even able to meet him before the show! What a thrill. He was so down to earth and very real. We talked about his successes and he signed all my memorabilia. We even took a picture together which I treasure now more than ever.
But the best was yet to come. At a front row table in the dinner-theater, I was bedazzled by his stage presentation. Every song was presented and treated with respect. No medleys. No throwaways. Gene had a full orchestra on stage that night, and the voice, THAT voice, was everything I expected it to be and more, full, rich, so supple and with that slightly otherworldly quiver that was unmistakably Pitney.

I also attended his infamous Carenegie Hall concert on the night of the day they attacked New York City's World Trade Center for the first time in 1993. Gene mentioned how appreciative he was that the famous hall remained sold out. He was magnificent and received multiple standing ovations. I I managed to spend a few minutes with him as he greeted fans after the performance. I joined his fan club and remained a member for years.

My last Gene Pitney concert was held in Atlantic City in 1997. Gene was paired on a double bill with another rock legend, the great Dion. What a bill! What a night of great music from two rock 'n' roll legends.

It's been nearly ten years and I've been waiting ever since to see him perform again, but now, as of April 5, 2006, it is not to be. Thankfully, he was finally, after eight unsuccessful attempts on the ballot, inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, previously called the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Shame, by me, up to then.

Gene died doing what he loved. His was almost a storybook ending. Performing right up to the end. Still you think of the great performances that would have been. Gene's gone, but his music and songs will forever be part of the great American songbook, and so will the name of Gene Pitney, husband, father and friend. Sympathies to the Pitney family, and his legion of worldwide fans. I am grateful that he lived in my time. I am so saddened as I write this today, but, for Gene, I'm gonna be strong.

- Phil Gelormine/ELVIS WORLD, Bound Brook, New Jersey, USA


Gene you will be sadly missed by all you fans all over the world. Our thoughts and heart felt feelings go to Lynn & your sons. And of course all the family.
Our prays go with you all.

Susan in the uk....Will miss you.God Bless.
Rest in Peace.


Je ne connais pas tellement bien la carrière de Gene Pitney mais je
la célèbre chanson "something's gotten hold of my heart" avec Marc
Almond. Je pense que Gene Pitney devait être quelqu'un de bien.

Sincères condoléances.



Gene is now with the chorale in the sky but his music will be in our hearts and homes forever...Peace be with you Gene and thank you so much for many great moments to remember.

A very old fan



Devastated at the news. Saw Gene Pintney in Hull, England on the 29th March 2006. Magnificent concert. A true professional and a gentleman. Deepest sympathy to the family.

David and Gillian Peat


I was so sorry to hear of Gene Pitney's death. He was a great artist and his voice was fantastic, you could hear every word that he sang.

I along with all of his fans around the world will miss him and I pass my condolences to all of his family.



Lieber Gene,

deine Musik begleitet mich seit meinem 16. Lebensjahr. Ich hörte dich
singen, als ich meine ersten Liebesbriefe schrieb. Inzwischen bin ich 58
Jahre alt, aber deine unverwechselbare Stimme und die Vielseitigkeit
deiner Lieder haben für mich niemals ihre Faszination verloren. Ich bin
ein großer Pitneyfan. Leider habe ich dich nicht live erleben dürfen.
Die Nachricht, dass du so plötzlich von der Weltbühne abgetreten bist,
hat mich sehr berührt und traurig gemacht. Mein Mitgefühl gilt deiner
Frau und deiner Familie, denn sie haben noch viel mehr verloren als wir

Ingrid aus Germany


Gene Pitney was to Me an all Time Great and he new how to make his audience Happy with his Songs. I was Totally Upset when I heard the News of his Passing. I feel for his wife and Children at this Time. My Prayers are with all his Family.
I would like to Thank Gene for being Such a Great Entertainer and that I will Miss Him.

From Tim Branson Fan


We would like to pay our respects to Gene's family & to say how deeply saddened by his untimely death,having attended his concert preformance the thursday before at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham England, Not only was Gene a fine singer he was also a great composer.Our daughter had the pleasure of seeing Gene in the foyer of the Hotel Plaza in Nottingham Saturday lunchtime & told how much she enjoyed the concert & he thanked her & signed his autograph in a magazine she had with her, it just shows just how well Gene treated his fans he made all his fans that attended his shows feel that they were personal friends of his.There will never be another artist like him his music still bridges generations of daughter being 23yrs my wife & myself 50yrs also seen him in concert at least eight times never seen a bad concert a true proffesional performer a real star. We will miss his smile,his music will live on.

Peter.Jill & Elaine Ashmore


I would like to send my sincere condolences to Gene's family, I may only be 26 but I was brought up listening to his music and so grew to be a huge fan. Even though he's no longer with us I will still listen to his music.



Thank you Gene for all the pleasure you gave us over the years.
I saw Gene on tour in Birmingham UK in 1965 and was astounded by his truly unique voice. Lynne and the boys - you must be very proud of Gene and I feel privileged to have been able to listen to him for so long and to call myself a fan.



Both my wife and I are still stunned by the news of Genes sudden death. Having meet him several times and being life long fans we "somethings taken from me".
To a big man with a big voice, gone but will never be forgotten.
Our deepest sympathy to his wife Lynne and family.

Irene & Chris Townley (Gosport UK)


My sister and I were at Gene's last concert on Tuesday evening as we
had been at his first concert in Wales in the 1960's. We had a great time
and the concert was superb.

Gene was in fine voice and the audience gave him a standing ovation.

My last glimpse of Gene was of him leaving the stage with a last wave
and his coat slung over his shoulder.

I did not hear of his death until I got home from work the following
day and I was just stunned, I could not beleive it.

I would like to offer my condolences to Gene's family at this sad time
and to thank them for sharing him with his fans. He has given us so much
pleasure over the years and his music will live on as will my memories
of that last wonderful concert.

Cheryl Wilson and Ray Jerimiah
Treorchy, Rhondda, South Wales


Only today i read about Gene Pitney's death and was shocked, as he
always was one of my favorite singers since the early sixties. All these years
i thought that he was completely underestimated. He should have deserved
the same appreciation like, for instance, Roy Orbison. I hope time will do
him justice.

Margret, a fan from Germany


My deepest sypathies.
May Gene rest in peace.
Thanks Gene for all the memories.



From my teenage to pension age. I have always loved Gene, having seen him on numerous occasions,he holds a special place in my heart, also that of my family,
he will be forever in my cd collection. Love sent to his family and other fans

Barbara Bullows (nee long)
Rochdale Lancashire


I have been a fan of Gene’s since 1961, and my friend and I have been to many of his concerts in the U.K. over the years. We were at his concert in Sheffield, England on the 31st March shortly before he died, and Gene’ performance was as wonderful as always – he was a star till the end.

May his family and friends find solace in the knowledge that Gene was loved by so many all over the world.


Sheffield, England


As a teenager I had Gene's photo on my bedroom wll, his 45's on my
record player and his sheet music on the piano. He was a wonderful singer and songwriter, a large part of my growing up and I am saddened to hear of his death at a far too young age. My thoughts are with his family.



ive been a fan of Gene pitney for many years and I'm so sad of his passing. I only heard this morning of this terrible news. Goodbye Gene.




I'm a child of the 60's and Mr. Pitney's music was a mainstay in my life.

In his honor, on my next payday, I'll plant a tree to honor his musical works. A floral arrangement, ultimately, would die. But a tree, like his music, will live forever.


B. J. Jeffrey
Sierra Vista, AZ


My wife and I have been fans since 1961, we saw Gene almost every time he visited Australia. We are very shocked and saddened by the news, it is as though we have lost a member of our family

Tony & Susan Graham


Was very sorry to hear that Gene Pitney had died as my older sister Marilyn was his No.1 Fan and I have been brought up on Gene's songs since aged 3. Now my daughter knows all the songs. As Gene was not coming to New Zealand last year my 3 sisters and I travelled to Sydney to see Gene perform, we even got to meet him before the show. Wow - did that make Marilyn HAPPY. A Fantastic Show and we will all have great memories of that concert. Even though we wont get to see you perform again - your music will live on and we can look at that photo of Gene and my sister which takes pride of place in her house.
My deepest sympathy to the Pitney Family.

Michelle Te Kata
New Zealand


Heard the news on public radio and was deeply saddened. Gene was one of my all-time favorites. Can't get enough of his music and songs. Just recently picked up on Gene's tour for the year and was looking forward to one of his performances. A truly magnificent entertainer who will be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

Meridian, Mississippi


I have been a fan of Gene's since I was 13, about 42 years. I met Gene from his wife Lynn. I was cutting her hair and Todd and Chris's and she told me that Gene was coming in. I was very intimidated, and can still see him, sitting quietly in the waiting room, always a gentleman. I was trying to act cool and everything, but I stopped the haircut, stood in front of him and said. I have to say this or I am not going to get thorough this haircut. I said, "I love you, you are the only one I ever called WDRC to request a song. It was Mecca, which back then was a toll call and a risky thing to do in my house, but I was willing to pay the price. He laughed, thanked me and then I was talking to a human being and not an icon. I continued to cut his hair until his passing. He was a wonderful person and I am privileged to have know him and his family. I will hold Lynn, Todd, Chris, and David in my prayers and I will also hold Gene in them. I will miss him always and I will remember him as I last saw him, excitied about life and enjoying his family and life. I have heard the _expression, you die the way you live, he did, he passed peacefully and loving his flfe and singing for all of us.

Pat Murphy


Gene Pitney was and still is one of my favorite singers.

He was wrongfully labeled a light weight heart throb, part of the post-payola "Bobby and Billy" clean up of rock n' roll music. That's why it took the so-called music experts years before they finally voted him into the R n' R Hall of Fame.

Just listen to '"Make Believe Lover" on the Hits and Misses CD (Bear Records). An unfinished masterpiece, with Gene's beautiful voice accompanied only by him on the piano.

My condolences to his family. It is truly a very sad day.

Chuck R


A gentleman and great song writer/singer will be sadly missed.

From Theila & Gesa Canberra


I am 26, and have seen Gene Pitney three times. I got married to 'Something's
Gotten hold of my heart'. I think he is the greatest and will be sadly missed.
It came as a big shock to me that he has gone.

Thanks to Gene Pitney for the music he has given us. Also, although we will miss the musician, condolances to his family who will miss the man, father and husband.

Alan Grace
Gosport, UK


So sorry to hear Gene Pitney has passed away, 65 is too young these days. Condolences to his family and all his fans.

L Mitchell


My name is david rowe of glocester ma also my brother dan rowe of gloucester ma would like to express our heartfelt sympathy for gene's family.his songs will go on forever.

david rowe


I am terribly saddened about the loss of Gene Pitney. I have adored his music for many years, he is a true icon, as was Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly. Thankfully we will have his music to live on forever. My condolences to Gene's wife and family.

Mary in Canada


My condolences go to Gene's family.

Sincerely Esther Brochin


dear Gene

i will treasure your music for the rest of mij life
thank you so much for al the great moments.

Love Phil


God Takes All the Best for his own,
A great voice NEVER to be Forgotten,
We'll All keep on Listening to you Gene.

Chris Robins


My Heart is sad with the death of a great singer and a great man, I never got to see him in person, but to me he was the one of the best singers around and will be a great lose to the singing world, I love his voice and his songs, my Only wish is that I had seen him live, Gene Pitney done what he did best and he shared it with the world, my blessing to his family my heart and my sorrow is with you at this time

From a true fan.

Alex McWilliams


have been a fan of genes since the early sixtys and have been to many concerts and convections i was even at the syphony hall in birmingham last sunday with my daughter who has been raised a fan also,we had front row tickets as normal with other fans,also northampton a couple of weeks back,as were due in manchester next week.i wept buckets when i heard the news which got to me via telephone at about 11.15am heart goes out to lynn & boys as they were not with him at his bedside,and as he said at his show talking about retirement "no way i will die doing what i loved best on stage touring"well he got his final wish. R.I.P.gene gone but never forgotten you & your music will live in my heart forever.



GENE was and will always be the best, he could sing anything and make it sound great he was a true gentleman and will be missed, God has got one great singer to join his chior

shaun ash


First Del Shannon, then Roy Orbison ……………….. and now Gene Pitney !!! Three of my absolute favorite pop singers of all time are now gone. The big “4” for me in that golden era of music (early 60s) were Del Shannon, Roy Orbison, Gene Pitney, and Bobby Vee; and now Bobby Vee is the only one left.

Gene Pitney, like the others, was a unique singer with an unmistakable sound and style, who produced some of the greatest songs ever recorded. “Half Heaven, Half Heartache”, “If I Didn’t Have a Dime”, “I’m Gonna Be Strong”, “Waking Up Alone”, and “Every Breath I Take” are probably my five favorite; but I can honestly say that there are probably at least 20 Gene Pitney songs that would make my “favorites list” of all time. The “tingling” feeling of anticipation that I always get when the DJ is getting ready to play a Pitney song is almost indescribable. He had that much of an effect on me. I feel so bad now that I missed seeing him here in Michigan about a month ago, but his performance was sold out before I could get any tickets. Fortunately, I did have the good fortune of seeing him a couple of times over the years.

My prayers and sincerest condolences go out to his family. If the quality of his relationship and dedication to his family was anywhere near the special quality of his music, then Gene Pitney leaves a tremendous legacy to all of us.

Larry Suarez

Allen Park, Michigan USA


I wish to send my sympathy to Genes wife Lynne and their three sons on the loss of a great entertainer as well as a fine human being. I had the pleasure of meeting Gene back in August 1993 when he performed at Hampton Beach Casino where after the concert, I was lucky to catch him as he was leaving, and asked him to sign my record cover that I brought with me. Unfortunately I forgot to bring a pen, needless to say he couldn't sign it. I was leaving very upset, then Gene sent his fan club president( which I didn't know at the time) over with a news letter and to me that if I send the record cover to the address listed, Gene would sign it and return it to me. True to his word, Gene did sign the cover and it now hangs in my living room for all my friends and company to see.Gene was my idol, from when I was a young boy, my mother played his albums , and I just love his voice and choice of songs, any time i find a record that I don't have from him I buy it. I even have some people remember me as Mr Pitney, that how much they know how much he meant to me!!. May his family finding comfort from all his fans at this time of sorrow, my prayers are with them, with a heavy heart I wish he rest in peace with the angels until we all can be together in heaven

God bless

Dwayne M Bernard


Dear Mrs. Pitney and sons,

I am so sorry for your loss. I have listened to Gene
Pitney sing all my life and I will continue to do so.
He was a true talent, a singer's singer, and a true
gentleman. The performers of today just need to turn
to Gene Pitney and what he left us to learn what the
word "class" means.

He might be gone from us now, but he will never be

With heart felt sympathy for your lose,

Hugh Beggins
Massapequa, New York


I think Gene Pitney was one of the most underrated and under appreciated artists of the 1950s and 1960s. My husband and I are deeply saddened by the news of his untimely death. We wish his family our condolences at this very difficult time. They are in our thoughts and prayers.

Dan and Debbie Ciocca
Houston, Texas


i was raised listening to gene pitney as a youngster in the 60's, and grew to love him just as much as my mum. i had the pleasure of seeing Gene in concert as my parents did before me and even though we listened to his songs endlessly, nothing prepares you for the commanding presence and powerful voice seeing Gene live in concert. i cannot believe he has gone. He was a true performer and really cared for all his fans. He gave so much to so many. We will miss you greatly. Our thoughts are with his family.

Gene, your star will shine brightly for ever.

Goodnight god bless Gene


jacqueline Cardiff


My sincerest condolences to Lynne and family...

the end of an era, the end of a legend, but his music will last for ever, RIP

Andrew T Dring (A lifelong fan)
United Kingdom


i am 34 years old and have grown up with gene pitney, i have always loved his music and have seen him three times whilst he was here in the UK. i even took my then 9 year old brother to butlins in wales to see him. which was actually a good move because he got to the front of the queue and we managed to get front row seats. my brother said after that concert that he had felt that Gene was singing only to him and i think thats how he made all his fans feel. i even managed to shake his hand at the end. he seemed like a wonderful man and was a great entertainer who will be very sadly missed. my condolences to his family and all his other fans

kendra fox


Deepest sympathy to Gene's family, friends and fans at his sudden passing.

John M. Stevulak
Gainesville, Virginia


anche se sono giovane, sono un grande fans di gene pitney. ho
moltissime sue canzoni, per me rimarra' sempre vivo nel mio cuore. ricordo
benissimo quando venne in italia nel 1998 a milano in una trasmissione
televisiva di paolo limiti, e che canto' "un soldino per il jukebox". ho
ancora la sua registrazione video. adesso la tua voce avra' sicuramente un
posto speciale lassu' in paradiso "SARAI LA PIU'BELLA VOCE NEL CORO

ciao gene, e arrivederci lassu'.



I was so sad to here about the sad news of a such a great man, wonderful song writer and singer.

My husband and I saw Gene on Sunday evening at Birmingham, he was on top form. My husband who has been a fan of Gene's since the 1960's was thrilled when Gene shook his hand. I know this moment he will never forget.

I have attached a couple of photographs which on took on that wonderful evening, I thought you might like to see them or post them or your wesite. So, so sad to think that these are probably some of the last ones taken of Gene. I recall Gene saying that night he said that he wanted to die on stage. Bless Him, he nearly got his wish.

I took a few minutes of video footage also, but sadly it was the first time that I had used my camera to record, and there is no sound, but I can hear his beautiful voice in my heart.




I had always liked Gene Pitney since i was a teenager in the sixties but never saw him live.My wife by chance found details for a concert in Northampton England where we live and booked up. It was a most wonderful experience to see a man with so much talent and so obviously normal.We left with thoughts of "must go again when he comes back". Sadly we will never see him again but he has left us with great memories.Our deepest condolences to his family.

Norma and John Alderson
Northampton England.


Our thoughts and prayers are with Lynne, Todd, Chris and David at this
very sad time. Our hearts are sharing your pain. Goodnight, God Bless
Gene. From May and family.



Please except my deepest sympathy in the loss of Gene Pitney. I'm from the generation that the best music and i remember when i first heard Mecca. I fell in love with his music and have always been a fan. He will be missed

marsha amistadi


I was shocked and extremely saddened to hear of Gene’s passing. I have been a fan since the 60s and attended many of Gene’s concerts here in the UK. Gene has brought so much joy to so many with his wonderful, powerful, unique voice. A truly wonderful man. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. God Bless, Gene.

Carol, Dorset, England.


As a teenager in England in the late 60's I became sweet sixteen listening to my idol Gene singing on "Top of the Pops" and I was hooked. I loved you and your music so much. I told my sister "I'm going to marry him one day".. as teenagers do, and when you did get married to your one and only love, the love of your life, I cried with happiness for you and sadness for myself. I never stopped loving you and your music and will do so forever.

In Canada now (having lived here in Vancouver, British Columbia with my husband for more than 30 years) I woke on Wednesday to the news that you were gone from us. A little bit of me died too as I cried for the loss of such a wonderful singer, but I am filled with the wonderful memories your music brought back to me and of my fabulous teenage years.

Let your music fill the skies forever. We will all miss you and we will always love you.

Goodbye my friend.

Frank and Susan Smith


My Wife and I wish to send our condolences to the Family of The Great Gene Pitney. He will be sorely missed.

Terry&Sheila Morrow
Grover, N.C.


we saw Gene at sheffield city hall- yorkshire (uk) on the 31st march, 5 days before he past away, it was one of the finest shows we've ever seen -- he'll be missed --

alan & june.


I was shocked to hear about Gene Pitney. I feel like I have lost a part of my wonderful youth that enjoyed his songs and danced to his music. The only consolation that I have, if at all, is that he is now with my twin sister who loved him and his music as much as I did. My sincerest sympathies to his family.



I thought I caught the tail end of a news cast the other day about Gene passing away. I thought that surely that could not be correct, he seemed in such good shape and far too young.

My condolences to the family and friends. I have been a fan for over 40 years and will miss him.

May he rest in peace.

William Roth
Leesburg, Va.


I have ALWAYS enjoyed Gene Pitney's talent and am deeply
saddened upon hearing of his passing. I wish that I could have
expressed my appreciation to him while he was alive. My very
favorite song of his is Donna Means Heartbreak. He will be missed,
but his music will live on.

Ann Marie Miller, Pittsfield, Maine


Another great talent that will be truly missed.

Gary Fradsham
Lindsay, Ontario


The town of somers will miss you gene we were lucky to have such a special star live in our will be missed by all.another angel from somers.our thoughts and prayers our with you at this time of your loss of your loved one.

ralph petkis jr and barbara
somers, ct


Please add my belated condolences. Gene Pitney was a great singer/songwriter! My older sister and brother turned me on to him…when I was 8!! I am a musician myself, and would have loved to have jammed with him!!! I am from East Haven Ct. Gene is now performing in Heaven!!!!




I am very sad to learn of the death of Gene Pitney. I have been a fan of his music since 1963. I was selected to be his "date" when he came to my hometown, Milford DE on December 29,1964 to perform at our local theater. I really felt like "Cinderella" that day!! His wife and family are remembered in my thoughts and prayers.

Charmaine Zencak Wilson
Naples, FL


i,m very sad to hear about his death he was one of my favorite singers. i'm
still in shock with dadness in my heart i will miss him.

manuel zafra
from miami fla u.s.a


I have been listening to Gene's fabulous songs for decades.I was fortunate to see him perform live many times .He will be missed not only as a superstar,but as a fine citizen of this world.God bless you Gene !You sir are my American Idol!



The terms 'unique' and 'legendary' are certainly apt descriptors of the late Gene Pitney. From his very first hit, 'I Want to Love My Life Away', his enthusiasm and mastery of the medium were evident. He apparently lived his life similarly, in regard to his family, as well as his fans. Though I was saddened to learn that he had passsed, it was appropriate that his last night was spent doing what he loved most(and doing it well); entertaining. My condolences go out to Gene's wife and son, and to all the fans that love him so dearly.

--A.J. Polasky, Tampa, Florida


Gene I will always remember you. You were my Music since 1964. I saw you at least once a year in Concert. All those years you let me know how much you loved My Irish wolfhound Elsa you had from me for Lynne Tod Chris and David.The Afghan ect were all named after your Beautiful songs.Wasn't I a lucky lady to have met you The Gentleman and your Family.God Bless Them.Gene Pitney (YOU WERE THE BEST) I think I have every song you sang and will continue playing them and remembering YOU with with love and pride.Your back home now with your loved ones. Bye Bye Gene May Elsa be by your side

Valerie Jordan and family.
England-Germany and New Zealand. x x x


Our deepest condolences to Gene Pitney's family....the world will miss you very much but your music will live on in our hearts.

God Bless

Vera and Whanau
North Island
New Zealand


My name is Catarina Pike. I want you to know that Mr. Gene Pitney, a genious artist and a wonderful heart, has meant so very much to me through my whole life. I love many musician songwriters, but none as brilliant as he. I was blessed enough to see him in concert in the late 90's here in Cincinnati, Ohio. And lucky enough to tell him what his music has meant to me. My children age 26 and 23 have always known how much I adore his voice and how he delivered those meaningful words. My daughter called from her office to tell me the next morning of his passing and was so worried as to how I would take it, and I tried to be strong, but broke down and tore my family up. I have listened to his music constantly and as I listen to each word I smile as I remember how he & his songs were with me through my husband and my dating period, my husband sent me all of his music as it was put on cassettes to play as I traveled. I will think of him often and am so happy that I told him I loved him and he replied I love you too. Mr. Pitney is and will forever be a number one class act, I will cherish forever. Thank you for the chance to tell you my thoughts. CP

Bless You!

Catarina Pike


Like all of you, last Wednesday was a very sad day for me. i have known the pitney family for 25 years and saw Gene about every 5 weeks to cut his hair. The last time I saw him he was talking about the trip Lynn and he has just been on, his hip surgery and he was excited as usual about his life. I have often said People die the way they lived, and he did. He gave his all to his fans, and his music, and he gave much pleasure to so many with that magnificent voice. I just saw him at Mohegan sun and I was blown away by the show. God bless you Gene, and so long, I will miss you.



Seems like a bad dream, like losing another Roy Orbison or Bobby Hadfield.... So sudden and so sad/. Only sorry I never go to see Gene Pitney on tour here in Australia. Gone but never forgotten...

Scott Morris


I am very shocked and sadden to hear of the passing of Gene Pitney. I always regret that i never see hem at work in Belgium. I will always love his songs and they will be forever a special place in my heart.

Annie from Belgium


At times like this one always thinks of the close ones left behind, in Gene's case a wife and three children, God be with you all. I saw Gene in Newcastle Australia in 2004 and I wasn't disappointed let me tell you. I was a relatively late appreciator of this brilliant singer's genre and his masterly _expression of emotions that are common to everyday experience for all of us. "Looking through the eyes of love" in particluar struck a chord for me, because of the ineluctable fact that a man can indeed be a giant when he is supported in that way by a woman.

Thank you Gene for your vales and decency so eloquently expressed in your beautiful and veracious songwriting.

Alan Brennan


So saddened to know Gene was no longer with us. I even imagined watching him with Parkinson on TV or thought about rejoining his Fan Club which had been started again … It’s all too late now. But of course he’s left so many good songs with his great voices which immortalise him. Thank you Gene for the pleasure and excitement you have given us for many, many years.

My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

Koko Clark, Sydney, Australia


Like Roy Orbison, Del Shannon and others before him, Gene Pitney was a regular visitor to British shores. Even his final show at St David's Hall in Cardiff was a sell-out concert and the crowd gave him two standing ovations. The popularity of the man still, in 2006.

A songwriter first, for people like Roy Orbison {"Today's Teardrops"}, the Crystals {"He's A Rebel"}, Ricky Nelson {"Hello, Mary Lou"} and even his first British hit in 1961 {"Love My Life Away"}, by 1963 he was recording other songwriter's songs and getting away with it handsomely. Cook/Greenaway {"Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart" in 1967}, Randy Newman {"Just One Smile" in 1966}, Bacharach/David {"24 Hours From Tulsa" in 1963}, Jagger/Richard {"That Girl Belongs To Yesterday" in 1964}, Weil/Mann {"I'm Gonna Be Strong" in 1964} and so it went. All of them huge hits.

Gene Pitney had a voice so distinctive you knew on the very first note it couldn't be anyone else other than Gene. His popularity also grew here from 1967.

Gene Pitney was one of only four male solo singers to survive the Beatles/Merseymania of 1963/64 {the others being Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley and the Big O}. Whilst the group scene had swallowed up the hit-making careers of Bobby Vee, Helen Shapiro, John Leyton, Pat Boone, Brenda Lee, Del Shannon, Connie Francis, etc, Gene Pitney was a survivor.

I was immensely shocked to hear of Gene's death on Wednesday, at an all-too-early-age of 65 {a man who looked as if he could make it to 80}.

I shall miss him very much indeed. And so will his vast army of fans in the UK, who have welcomed him here constantly for over thirty years.

"Sleep well, Gene. And thank you."

Kind regards,

Russtti Gaynor
Finchley Central, London, N3


I was saddened and shocked to hear of the untimely passing of a great man. I have listened to his music for many years and seen him live on many occasions. My thoughts go out to his wife and family. Our great loss is heavens gains. RIP Gene.

West Sussex


I was devastated to hear of the passing of a great songwriter, singer and
amazing performer. This world is a sad place now indeed, without Gene, but his music and his incredible voice will remain with us. May he rest in peace.

Bernadette Joyce.


How sad I was to hear of Gene's passing. He had been a part of my life since I was 13 yrs old back in 1961. Like many love stuck teenagers I used to dream about when I would marry him not if. I would send him Birthday cards and write love versus in them. I wonder, did he ever read any of them. I did receive a lovely hand written letter from his mom one year thanking me for the beautiful birthday card, so perhaps he may have got to read at least one. Needless to say that letter, which I still have, will be even more precious to me now. For so many of us his distinctive, beautiful voice filled our lives with so much pleasure. I was fortunate enough to have a letter read out at one of his concerts in Peteborough which my husband had sent back stage. The emotion I felt having my name read out by this wonderful man has never been surpassed. He asked me to go up to the stage where he shook my hand and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I couldn,t get a ticket for his last show on March 19th here in Peterborough, oh how I wished I'd have know sooner that he was playing in the city. His passing has left a void in my life that will never be filled, but I am thankful in the knowledge that he died after performing his last concert to a standing ovation. With the sound of that applause he went to sleep and God saw fit to take him. God Bless you Gene, you were my first love and I will never forget you. Look after him up there and may your singing go on forever.

My dearest thoughts and sympathy go out to Lynne, Todd, Chris and David. I cannot begin to understand how you must be feeling to have lost such a precious person.

God Bless You Gene

A lifetime fan.

Chris Williams


Please take my condolances. I was really sad to hear that a great artist and songwriter has passed away. The first record I ever bought was written by Gene Pitney. " Hello Mary Lou " by Ricky Nelsen. Even today I enjoy this song.

Greetings from

Kjell Haga


Saw the picture on the bottom of my morning paper of a handsome, white-haired gentleman, and at first thought it was something about the Green Bay Packers general manager. Then I put on my glasses, and saw that it was Gene Pitney, and it was just so hard to believe. What an incredible voice- like Roy Orbison, he could give you goosebumps on a tenor crescendo that seemed to last for days! Especially on one song, "Cry"-WOW!!! I wish more "artists" today would take their cue from a genuinely nice man, a good family man, clean-cut, singing and writing good songs that will endure long after they have their time at the top of the charts. Condolences to his high scholl sweetheart wife, and three sons.

Keith Deschler
Racine. Wi


I first saw Gene in Edinburgh in 1965 when I was 16 and have seen him in concert many times. I was shocked to hear of his sudden death and was most upset as I had tickets to see him on Sunday. My heartfelt condolences go to his wife and family. His music has given me great pleasure over the years.

Margaret Thomson


I cannot listen to Gene yet as I find it to painful, 'Backstage' made me weep so much. My heart goes out to Gene' s family, the best singers have all died young, there must be some great concerts in heaven.

Love and god bless Gene.

John Riley


Just heard to the news. Gene Rest easy. Now it's town without Pity.
My thoughts will be with your family.

heikkipekka Oulu/ Finland


Rock and roll heaven has a great new song writer with the passing of Gene Pitney. God bless you and thank you for all those years of wonderful songs.

Wayne Jones
Dandenong, Victoria, Australia


I Am so heart broken at the passing of such a lovely person and a wonderful voice.He Will be deeply missed.My prayers go out to his family at this sad time.God Bless You A Loving Fan

margaret smith


So sad and shocked to hear the news about Gene. I have nothing but happy memories of seeing him every time he visited Batley Variety Club in the late 60's, early 70's. I had the pleasure of actually meeting him backstage on one occasion he was a wonderful guy. My deepest sympathy to his Wife & Sons.

Jennifer, Dewsbury, West Yorks.


It has been several days since Gene's passing and it is still hard to
believe he is gone. When I found out about his death this past
Wednesday, I couldn't believe it. To say I was in shock was an understatement. All
the way home, I listened to one of his many CDs that I have and cried my
heart out. At home, I surfed the local TV news in hope of learning more.
Out of the top 4 local TV stations in Harrisburg, PA. not ONE OF THEM (ABC,
NBC, CBS or FOX affiliated stations) reported his passing! Needless to say I
was very upset...Gene was a great singer and deserved better recognition
than that! So, I fired off an email to my favorite radio "morning" DJ,
Shane Nelson, of the "oldies" radio station, WLZS 106.1, to see if he would
play "Backstage" and "I'm Gonna Be Strong" as soon as he came on the air the
next morning. Not only did Shane play those two songs but he did a tribute
during his 4 hour show to Gene, playing songs that listeners called in
and requested. What a guy!

Gene was absolutely, without a doubt, my favorite singer, outshining
Elvis, the Beatles, and even the Rolling Stones. Call me crazy but I
passed up the opportunity to see the Rolling Stones when they were on tour in
Harrisburg last year but I dragged my husband to Hershey Park to see
Gene play there. We stayed for both concerts! I floated out of the park.
What a TERRIFIC concert that was! I was looking forward to seeing him again
in concert if he came by this way again Thank God I got a chance to see
him one time!

To Gene's family: I am so sorry for the loss of your husband,
father, friend.. Please accept my heartfelt condolences. Take comfort in the
fact that through his beautiful, wonderful, and passionate songs, he will
always be with us! God Bless!

Sue McAfee, Shermans Dale, PA


with all my condolence to the family of Gene Pitney he will be missed.

wes tideswell


My favourite Christmas present as a teenager (in 1967) was the LP 'Gene Pitney's Big Sixteen' . My Mum and Dad had made me save up for part of the cost and they then contributed the lion's share - in the UK back then of course records were not cheap. Last Wednesday afternoon I had just finished work and got into my car when I heard the sad news on BBC Radio 4's PM programme. Immediately my mind began to spin back through the years and all the wonderful music that Gene Pitney has given to us. Gene - you live on in our hearts. God bless.

John Ward
Manchester, England


What wonderful songs we have to remember Gene by. I first saw him in concert in Glasgow in the sixties and I remember the screaming girls (me included) who stood outside the theatre calling his name. I still have the programme from that show and will never part with it. Yes Gene your songs portrayed all the emotions us teenagers felt at the time, no one can ever take those memories away. I am just so sad such a wonderful entertainer has been taken from us. God bless you. My heartfelt sympathy to the family.

Liz from Glasgow