A Time Gone By

(Louis Colli)

When the road is dark
And I walk alone
With only the moon to light my way
I stop and think
Of a time gone by
Of a picnic that we shared in May

How your red hair moved
From the slightest breeze
And your sweet and perfect smile
Gave me a warmth
Down to my soul
That I had not felt in quite a while

I held your hand tight
Got down on one knee
And said what I had to say
You smiled at me
And then said, “Of course”
When I asked for your hand that day

Then when it is done
The memory fades
Reality spins me back around
I finish my walk
Down this lonely road
And enter these hallowed grounds

I find the dark spot
Where you finally rest
And I drop to my knees and pray
Then I ask God
Why did he take you
So soon after that picnic in May

Here lies my Annie
Buried at twenty-two
Who left this world last July
Leaving me behind
A burned out man
Who dreams of a time gone by

copyright 2001 by Louis M. Colli Jr.