Trapped In My Mind

(Louis Colli)

Sometimes at night
I wonder what it's all about
What's the meaning of life?
What should I be doing with mine?
And why do I feel the way I feel?
I guess it isn't really surprising
The answers never come
I'm left with my own thoughts
Not much comfort at all
Sometimes I wonder if it is real
This world, the people, the places
I'm never sure it is
Maybe it's only in my mind
All of it, including you
But if it is in my head
Why is my world so barren
A dried out husk of a life
Why can't I imagine you by my side?
Walking up to me
Touching my hand
Kissing my cheek
I can see it in my mind
But I can't make it real
So I'm still alone
Trapped in my mind

copyright 1997 by Louis M. Colli Jr.