Colgems COSO-5008
Released December 1, 1968
Highest Chart Position: #45

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  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Porpoise Song (Theme From "Head")
  3. Ditty-Diego--War Chant
  4. Circle Sky
  5. Supplicio
  6. Can You Dig It
  7. Gravy
  1. Superstitious
  2. As We Go Along
  3. Dandruff?
  4. Daddy's Song
  5. Poll
  6. Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again
  7. Swami-Plus Strings


10/5/68 - Porpoise Song bw/ As We Go Along

Tracks Recorded At This Time: 4/68 - 8/68

4/04 - Daddy's Song
4/05 - Carlisle Wheeling (alt version)
4/06 - Look Down
4/09 - Just A Game
5/10 - Smile
5/10 - You And I
5/21 - Circle Sky (live)
5/28 - Propinquity (I've Just Begun To Care)
5/29 - Hollywood
5/29 - Don't Wait For Me
5/30 - As We Go Along
5/31 - Carlisle Wheeling (alt version)
5/31 - How Insensitive
5/31 - The Crippled Lion
5/31 - Some Of Shelly's Blues
6/01 - Listen To The Band
6/01 - Good Clean Fun
6/02 - St. Matthew
6/07 - Rosemarie (second version)
7/25 - Ditty Diego
8/01 - Mommy And Daddy (original)
8/03 - Happy Birthday To You

The Monkees Music Vault's Review of "Head":

Overall Rating (Out Of 10): 2

Ok, I know what you are saying. I gave "Birds and Bees" a 3 and called it the worst album, and here I gave this one a 2. What gives? As far as I'm concerned, 7 songs do not constitue an album, so I don't see Head as one. Instead, I see this Jack Nicholson arranged mess as a complete waste of time and money. The Monkees could have released a soundtrack album similiar in style to the Beatles' soundtracks, but they didn't. Big mistake.

Three Best Tracks:

  1. Propinquity (I've Just Begun To Care)
  2. You And I
  3. Just A Game
Three Worst Tracks:
  1. Daddy's Song
  2. Ditty Diego
  3. Rosemarie

The Monkees Music Vault's Fantasy Version of "Head":

I think the Monkees would have been much better served releasing a full 12 song LP here, side 1 consisting of songs from the movie and side 2 containing six new tracks. And without a doubt, a second single would come from the new tracks.

(released 12/68)
1 Porpoise Song
2 Circle Sky
3 Can You Dig It
4 As We Go Along
5 Daddy's Song
6 Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again
1 Good Clean Fun
2 You And I
3 Just A Game
4 Smile
5 Rosemarie
6 Don't Wait For Me

9/68 - Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again bw/ As We Go Along
12/68 - You And I bw/ Just A Game All Over Again

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