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Colgems COS-113
Released February 15, 1969
Highest Chart Position: #32

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Rhino Records
Released 1994


  1. Through the Looking Glass
  2. Don't Listen To Linda
  3. I Won't Be the Same Without Her
  4. Just A Game
  5. Me Without You
  6. Don't Wait For Me
  1. You and I
  2. Tear Drop City
  3. While I Cry
  4. The Girl I Left Behind Me
  5. A Man Without A Dream
  6. Shorty Blackwell


2/8/69 - Teardrop City (#56) bw/ The Man Without A Dream

Tracks Recorded At This Time: 9/68 - 1/69

11/07 - A Man Without A Dream
11/07 - Someday Man
01/09 - My Share Of The Sidewalk

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