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3/30 - Continued work on the singles listing.

3/15 - Began working on song listing.

3/14 - Updated website design.

2/16 - I found a Gene Pitney screen saver:
 to download your free screen saver click here

2/15 - I've updated the U.S. albums and singles list to make them more accurate.

2/14 - Gene now has an official website! Check it out at:

Gene will soon be releasing a new CD! In the meantime, check out his most recent studio recordings on the 1998 Eagle Records release, "The Hits and More" The eight new songs include covers of some of the greatest songs of the last two decades: In My Life, Only One Woman, First Cut Is The Deepest, We've Got Tonight, Let The Heartaches Begin, There Is No Distance, Fool (If You Think It's Over), and All By Myself.

Also, most of Gene's 60's studio albums have been rereleased on CD by Sequel Records. Each CD contains two albums. They are available on the net under "import albums" at: